The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 557 - Flashes. Her Thespian Pursuits

Chapter 557 - Flashes. Her Thespian Pursuits

Lan Su was shell-shocked the moment she espied Si Yi.

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Unlike when she had found Yun Jian, Lan Su had been filled with joy and delight during then. Yun Jian was Wu Clan’s Wizard Lord Wu. Her status was one of the highest in the whole of Yulong Mainland.

Lan Su, in the previous life, had been the guardian serving Wizard Lord Wu by her side. When she found her again, she was doused in blissful surprise, an elation that she had finally found her clan’s Wizard Lord Wu.

Now that she saw Si Yi, however, Lan Su was stupefied.

Yulong Mainland was a big, big world but there were actually higher realms to the continent.

The universe was boundless. Living on earth, mankind existed as nothing more than specks of dust in the vast universe.

Yulong Mainland was actually separated from the earth by the endless outer space of the universe. Perhaps, humans could go there one day in the future but for now, millions of years on a rocket from the earth would not even shuttle one to Yulong Mainland.

This was how far away they were from each other.

Similarly, Yulong Mainland was a cultivation continent but it was completely impossible for its inhabitants to come to earth from that side.

As for the tunnel in the catacomb that led to Yulong Mainland, it was manmade. The tunnel was actually a teleportation array.

A teleportation array could send people from Yulong Mainland or earthlings directly to each other’s territory through the tunnel. Lan Su had come to earth through the tunnel as well.

Regarding Lord Divinity now, the reason Lan Su was so flabbergasted and alarmed when she saw Si Yi was because the tunnel was said to be an array Lord Divinity had set himself!

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He had torn apart dimensions and placed the teleportation array in both earth and Yulong Continent!

Lan Su was certain that there was no chance her clan’s Wizard Lord Wu could achieve it even when she was at her peak ability.—It was not about the chances, it was simply impossible to even think about it!

Lan Su had only seen what Lord Divinity looked like once, following behind Wizard Lord Wu and catching a glimpse of him when he was in Yulong Mainland for a worshipping ritual.

Stunning was the word to describe the moment. There was no way Lan Su would forget what he looked like.

In spite of it, what Lan Su knew about Lord Divinity was limited. She had only heard that he had come from the Deity Continent that was above Yulong Mainland.

Today, however, Lan Su was seeing the reverent Lord Divinity here. How could she not be shocked? How could she not be reverential?

Si Yi looked exactly like Lord Divinity!

"Lord Divinity?" Qin Yirou repeated the term of address in doubt. As she walked in the front, she was the first to catch Lan Su’s terrified expression.

There was a gleam in Yun Jian’s eyes at the same time. She had heard Lan Su mentioning Lord Divinity albeit not much.

Si Yi who watched Lan Su address him in deference stretched his hand to press at his temple. There were flashes of images in his mind; he frowned slightly before a hint of deep thoughts appeared on his face.

"Mom, Lan Su likes acting. She’s even planning to pursue a career in acting in the future. We’re usually like this. Play along with her to help improve her acting skill," Yun Jian parted her rosy lips and lied.

The show business was beginning to flourish in 1998’s Country Z. Those who did not have televisions at home more or less knew what actors were too.

Hence, Qin Yirou actually believed Yun Jian’s explanation and nodded.

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