The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 558 - Criticism. Whats The Matter?

Chapter 558 - Criticism. What\'s The Matter?

"You want to act and become an actor? It isn’t an easy career! That’s what we call an entertainer! You’ll get mocked when a fine young lady like you goes and becomes an actress!" Zhang Meihua came to nag Lan Su the moment Yun Jian finished.

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The older generation’s concept of actors was flaunting oneself out there for public attention, like entertainers of the olden days.

Actors were despicable presences in the beginning of the entertainment industry. The situation would gradually improve later in 1999. However, to older generations like Zhang Meihua, actors and entertainers were the same—and entertainers were people who sold themselves for money.

No one expected actors to be household names in the years that followed.

For Zhang Meihua, she despised actors but went under the disguise of considering for Lan Su’s sake as she "kindly advised" her not to become an actor right in front of Yun Jian and Si Yi.

Truth was, Yun Jian had only come up with the explanation to cover up for Lan Su’s slip-up.

It was unexpected that Zhang Meihua took it seriously and chided Lan Su patronizingly.

There was no doubt to Yun Jian that Zhang Meihua was doing this to curry favor with her. Even if Lan Su’s ambition was really to become an actor, Yun Jian did not like Zhang Meihua looking down at actors condescendingly just to play up to her.

No one had the right to look down on any occupation because who knew if the career as actors could thrive in the future despite their struggle now? When television series just got started, actors were spurned by everyone.

"Mom, that’s enough," Qin Yirou said with a tug on the corner of Zhang Meihua’s clothes, unable to continue watching her criticisms.

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Even if the profession as an actor struggled in the beginning, Qin Yirou thought that it would not turn out bad since that was what Lan Su had decided for herself.

However, it was like Zhang Meihua was set on "advising" Lan Su. She pushed Qin Yirou away and continued telling the girl, "Young lady, I’m being kind. You look pretty and fresh, why are you becoming an actress? Forget about it now. It’s better to study properly and get into college!"

It made Lan Su awkward. She was helpless against someone like Zhang Meihua.

Yun Jian was just coming up with an excuse but Zhang Meihua was clinging onto it. It was true. Zhang Meihua was advising Lan Su based on her long years of experience. However, her ultimate purpose was to convince Yun Jian that she was someone nice, as she helped her advise Lan Su to do the right thing.

Lan Su looked over to Yun Jian in dilemma while the latter pressed her lips together. Zhang Meihua was still nagging but Yun Jian turned to glance at Qin Yirou and informed her, "Mom, we’re heading upstairs."

With that, Yun Jian ushered Lan Su, Si Yi, and Yun Zhu to go upstairs with her.

"Hey! Hey!" Zhang Meihua waved down there but she was blatantly ignored. Furious but not daring to refute, she could only leave with an excessive sway of h.i.p.s.

Yun Jian was now upstairs in the room that she had temporarily stayed in with the group.

"Lan Su, what was that just now?" Yun Jian turned to Lan Su and asked.

Lan Su peeked at Si Yi timidly before replying faintly, "Yun Jian, why does he look so much like Lord Divinity? Or is he Lord Divinity..."

Lan Su then spilled everything that she knew.

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