The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 559 - Play Kissing—Xiao Zhu Wants In!

Chapter 559 - Play Kissing—Xiao Zhu Wants In!

After Lan Su talked about Lord Divinity, Yun Jian raised her brow but did not say anything, while Si Yi stayed silent the whole time.

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Little Yun Zhu had a pile of wooden blocks in his hands, happily stacking them to build something. He did not even know what happened.

"Lord Divinity..." Yun Jian arched a brow but no relevant memory came at her disposal.

Lan Su said that she was Wu Clan’s Wizard Lord Wu. Even if it were true, Yun Jian did not remember it. Now, Lan Su was saying that Si Yi looked like Lord Divinity and that she had seen him with her during the worshipping ritual when he came to Yulong Mainlan personally. Yun Jian did not even have any impression of it.

To be honest, if Lan Su had not mentioned it, Yun Jian would not even know that she was from Yulong Mainland.

"It was millennia ago but Wizard Lord Wu, believe me. Lan Su speaks the truth. I’ve only caught a glance of Lord Divinity’s great appearance from afar but the memory is fresh in my mind!" Lan Su vowed with three fingers out.

She did not mean anything by that. What she was trying to say was that she was honest and not making any of this up.

"I believe you." Yun Jian who had been sitting on the bed got up now. Her gaze on Lan Su was unwavering.

With a slight frown, however, she looked toward Si Yi.

Receiving Yun Jian’s attractive and inquisitive gaze, Si Yi felt a squeeze on his heart. He even had a rush of impulse to bind Yun Jian under his feathers, keeping her safe always.

"You want to know?" His melodious voice was swift like the summer day’s fireworks but it lingered with a resonating thrum.

Yun Jian felt her heart stutter when Si Yi directed his gaze to her as well before she recovered.

"I..." She actually wanted reassurance from Si Yi that it was just a coincidence.

From what Lan Su said, Lord Divinity who looked so much like Si Yi was probably someone from the Deity Continent that was countless times more mysterious than Yulong Mainland. More importantly, the Deity Continent where Lord Divinity came from was incomparably powerful.

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Yun Jian wanted to ask about it, of course, but she did not know how to start. Eventually, she cast her eyes down.

"I am."

Then, Si Yi’s deep voice sounded abruptly. Once he said that even Lan Su who stood beside them gaped at him with widened eyes.

He said that he was—he was Lord Divinity!

"You..." Yun Jian was shocked.

What she was the most bewildered about currently was not why Si Yi was here on earth but... why he was telling her.

From what Lan Su said, Yun Jian could perceive that Lord Divinity from Deity Continent had an incredibly honorable status.

If Si Yi had not mentioned it before, it was understandable that these must be secrets kept confidential, but he actually told her...

"Why are you telling me?" Yun Jian asked, her lush red lips tempting.

"I won’t hide anything from you." It was a simple promise but when Si Yi spoke with a quirk of his lips, the words made Yun Jian’s heart beat faster.

With that, Si Yi extended his long arm and swept Yun Jian toward himself in the next second. Changing the direction he was facing, he pinned Yun Jian against the corner of the wall right in front of Lan Su.

The latter quickly covered her eyes despite being surprised by Si Yi’s actions, but later peeked furtively through the cracks between her fingers in curiosity.

Since when did her Wizard Lord Wu and Lord Divinity... Cough cough...

"Jiejie and Si Yi-gege are playing kissing. Xiao Zhu wants to play too!" Just as Si Yi was leaning into Yun Jian, Yun Zhu’s mischievous voice chimed.

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