The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 56 - Buying A Computer. Can You Pay For The Loss?

Chapter 56 - Buying A Computer. Can You Pay For The Loss?

Creating an awkward situation, Wang Rourou kept quiet when Yun Jian ignored her. Her purpose was to earn some popularity in class by leveraging the situation.

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After the matter came to a closing, Yun Jian’s life went back to peace.

Qin Yirou’s hands were completely healed and she insisted on returning to work at the textile factory. Considering for a long time, Yun Jian still did not present the ten thousand Chinese Yuan she had cashed out in Longmen City previously.

It was definitely inappropriate to recklessly take out the money, so she could only let Qin Yirou go back to work first.

It was another bright and sunny weekend when Yun Jian rode to Longmen City’s city center.

She was not planning to go online in the internet café this time but to instead buy a computer at the gadget town.

Yun Jian had realized that it was immensely inconvenient if she had to make trips to Longmen City each time she wanted to use the internet. Therefore, she planned to buy a home computer.

Without a question, the computer must not be found by Qin Yirou if it was kept at home.

Laptops were already in the market in the year 1998 and could be purchased in bigger cities like Longmen City.

What Yun Jian wanted to buy was a laptop as it was portable.

The largest mall in Longmen City was Lianmei Shopping Center. One could come here to purchase anything; if you could not find what you wanted here, you would not be able to find it anywhere in Longmen City.

The gadget town was at the fourth level of Lianmei Shopping Center. The huge words "Lianmei Gadget Town" could be seen on the plate when Yun Jian walked to the floor.

Smiling, she stepped in.

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People rarely bought computers during this era because installing one was costly. Usually, only millionaires would shop here.

This was why there was only a female attendant sitting in the gadget town.

She was currently swatting flies out of boredom but quickly wore a textbook smile when she heard footsteps, signaling that there was business. Before she even looked up to see who the customer was, her overly sweet voice rang, "Welcome –"

She paused.

The female attendant had thought that her customer was definitely a successful person in their forties or fifties, or a middle-aged man who was dressed like a boss, not expecting a teenage girl to walk in.

The breath of air that she took in anticipation deflated immediately when she saw Yun Jian stepping in.

How could a teenager have the money to buy a computer? She probably had never even touched one.

The computers here cost more than tens of thousands!

Making assumptions from the appearance of Yun Jian’s outfit, the female attendant instantly concluded that she was most probably a pauper who was here to look at computers yet could not afford them.

She sat back down right away.

Yun Jian had obviously noticed the female attendant’s attitude but she did not mind her, walking straight to the laptop display counter.

Watching as Yun Jian almost touched the laptop, the female attendant finally could not hold herself back.

"Hey, hey, hey. Ay! Don’t touch it!" She ran over wanting to swat Yun Jian’s hand away, saying, "This laptop is the newest model. It costs more than thirty thousand. Don’t you touch it. Can you pay for the loss if you break it?"

What she meant was "Why are you here touching the laptop when you should be studying in school. Can you pay for the loss if you break it?".

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