The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 561 - When She’s Come Of Age. Destroy It Directly

Chapter 561 - When She’s Come Of Age. Destroy It Directly

Lan Su’s straightforward words fl.u.s.tered Yun Jian instantly. Meanwhile, Si Yi grinned, pulling his lips into a gorgeous curve, after he heard her.

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"Wait till when she comes of age," Si Yi replied Lan Su as bluntly carrying Yun Zhu.

When Lan Su’s question had already made Yun Jian shy, Si Yi’s answer darkened the blush on her cheeks. Worse, Si Yi’s deep dark eyes had been staring at her all this while—his sharp hawk-like gaze exuded an endless sense of domination.

"That’s amazing!" Lan Su clapped jubilantly.

Yun Jian was currently 16 years old. She could wait another two or three years. She had managed to live through thousands of years after all!

"Cough-cough! Xiao Zhu’s still here!" Yun Jian reminded whilst raising her flushed face.

Little Yun Zhu was currently glancing back and forth between Yun Jian and Si Yi with his beady eyes. After a short moment, he suddenly said, "Is Jiejie and Si Yi-gege making a little sister to play with Xiao Zhu? That’s awesome!"

Yun Jian was just about to educate little Yun Zhu that he was not supposed to blabber whatever he felt like when the door to the room opened and Qin Yirou stood at the door with four steaming teacups.

"..." Yun Jian went to mom.

Did her mother hear them?

Qin Yirou entered doubtfully and placed the steaming tea on an available coffee table under everyone’s gaze.

"Susu, Xiao Zhu, A Yi, Xiao Jian, I’ve just made the tea. Drink it while it’s hot!" said Qin Yirou.

She probably did not hear them. It was lucky Yun Zhu did not say it too loud just now. Yun Jian breathed in relief and fetched herself a cup of tea with her lips pressed together before bringing the cup near her lips and blowing the steam away softly.

"Xiao Jian, I heard you guys talking about making a little sister? What’s that about?" Qi Yirou asked suddenly.

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She didn’t quite catch it.

Yun Jian’s hand that was holding the teacup froze before her heart stuttered but she acted as nothing happened and told Qin Yirou, "You’re mistaken, mom."

She got up as she spoke and walked over to pull Si Yi out of the room. Before that, however, she plucked little Yun Zhu away from the young man’s embrace and had the boy go with Qin Yirou.

"Mom, I should be leaving to the military. I’ll be late if I don’t go now." Yun Jian tugged a corner of Si Yi’s sleeve and hauled both of them out.

Pressing his lips together, Si Yi wore an upward quirk on his lips throughout the process, like all these had nothing to do with him.

"Hey, is there such a hurry? A Yi hasn’t drunk the tea yet..." Qin Yirou called out from behind them.

"He’s not thirsty, mom," said Yun Jian and left with Si Yi quickly.

"This child!" Qin Yirou chided softly with fond helplessness.

As Yun Jian tugged Si Yi out of Zhang Meihua’s house, the young man voiced out then, "Take my car."

Yun Jian thought about it and slid into the Lamborghini with Si Yi, deciding to just leave her Ferrari in Xinjiang Town.

As Si Yi started the engine, they sped off and soon vanished from view under the morning sun. On the way, Yun Jian explained to Si Yi what she wanted to do, including working together with Ge Junjian and the military. At the same time, she told Si Yi about her wish to borrow An Hun’s manpower.

Si Yi nodded without any hesitation.

"No need for the extra work. I can have Ya Dang destroy the Inferno Ring directly." Si Yi sneaked a glimpse at Yun Jian from the corner of his eyes and fished out his phone from his pants pocket to call Ya Dang.

One word from him was all it took to wipe out a small-time assassin organization like Inferno Ring.

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