The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 563 - Ill Take Care Of This

Chapter 563 - I\'ll Take Care Of This

To the high-ranking military officers, international assassin and secret agent organizations were never ones to be faithful. Their words held zero credibility.

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Furthermore, this was Ge Junjian requesting permission alone—there was no way his superior would agree to it.

"A negotiation?" Yun Jian raised her brow and pressed her pretty lips together.

"Yes, a major part of the reason the higher-ups don’t agree to my request is because they don’t believe you. Yun Jian, you have to understand this. You’re an Advanced Special Forces soldier but you’re considered a newbie."

"The higher-ups have to look at the bigger picture—under the premise that we’re unable to produce any concrete evidence that assassin organizations like An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries would keep the promise and work with us without coming back to bite us."

"It’s a challenge to persuade the higher-ups based on only your input," Ge Junjian explained with a nod.

That was the truth.

The higher-ups had to take the interest of the whole into account. Without definite assurance that the military could collaborate with An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries and stay unscathed, they would not agree to something they presumed to be risky.

After all, Yun Jian was only a new addition. What she said held no significance of persuasion.

There was no doubt that the higher-ups pick the latter between a newbie and the overall situation.

"It’s fine as long as people from An Hun and Gu Sha are here?" Yun Jian asked with an arched brow.

"Best if they’re executive members," Ge Junjian replied.

If the executive members from An Hun or Gu Sha could show themselves and talk to Ge Junjian’s superior, the outcome was definitely different.

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Yun Jian was only a girl—the age of a child to the military higher-ups. Their concern was that how could she guarantee that she could ensure a collaboration between the military and An Hun and Gu Sha’s members without the latter breaking the agreement and exterminating the army as well.

It was truly an issue worth pondering.

Nonetheless, if there were someone who knew the truth and heard what Ge Junjian said coincidentally, they would have guffawed on the spot.

Both leaders of An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries were standing before Ge Junjian. If they were to stay faithful to their words, who else in their organizations would dare stab the military in the back?

Yun Jian narrowed her brows. She did not want to expose her identity to Ge Junjian for the time being.

Si Yi did say that he could help her wipe out the Inferno Ring, but she really did not want Si Yi interfering and doing this for her.

She could accept Si Yi and Ge Junjian’s help—after all, Gu Sha was still recovering from purging those old men—but the main reason she did not want Si Yi to take down Inferno Ring on behalf of her was because she wanted to avenge what Inferno Ring did to Yun Zhu on her own!

How could she possibly allow those people in Inferno Ring to die so easily? It would be merciful for them!

It was unexpected that Ge Junjian’s squad would not be able to help.

Yun Jian knew that Inferno Ring was not feeble. That was why she thought it was inadequate even when she had borrowed some manpower from An Hun in addition to her members from Gu Sha.

Yet, she did not want Si Yi to lend her more manpower. The An Hun Group was operating on their own rotation as well. She knew that Si Yi indulged her but she did not actually want to become a woman who grew dependent on a man.

Nevertheless, Yun Jian knew that there was someone behind her in support. Si Yi would always stand behind her. It was also why Yun Jian dared extirpate Inferno Ring—even when Gu Sha was still recovering from its restructuring.

"I’ll take care of this." Si Yi’s deep voice rumbled. His tone sounded like the issue was nothing but petty matters.

Ge Junjian was alarmed as he turned to look at Si Yi.

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