The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 564 - Brazen—She Dares

Chapter 564 - Brazen—She Dares

Yun Jian did not want to disclose her identity but no one from Gu Sha was around her. Qing You had gone back home for Lunar New Year while Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard were in the organization. To ask the latter here would take some days—time that Yun Jian did not want to spend waiting.

Her initial plan was for Officer Bao and his men, as well as Gu Sha’s support that she had asked Snake.Lizard to send over, to wait for Inferno Ring’s men to walk right into the trap in F Province while she would go straight to Inferno Ring’s headquarters and take them by surprise.

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Hertz and his men must hold a significant status in the Inferno Ring, so the organization would definitely regard them with priority.

Now, however, Ge Junjian was telling her that the higher-ups did not approve of the military involvement unless the executive members of An Hun and Gu Sha stepped in personally.

Yun Jian was unable to produce anyone but Si Yi was saying that he could. This made the usually astute Ge Junjian frown.

It was shocking enough that Yun Jian knew people from An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries but Si Yi claimed that he could handle this issue?

"Young man, you’re pretty skilled but can you really ask An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries’ higher-ups here?" Ge Junjian was skeptical.

It was not that the man looked down at Si Yi. It was just that what Si Yi said was simply too baffling.

It was when Ge Junjian sparred with Si Yi the last time that he discovered that a veteran like him who had spent decades in the military could not even last an exchange of technique with Si Yi! It mortified Ge Junjian for some time.

The man was observant. He had seen Yun Jian’s lightly creased brows when she heard him request for An Hun or Gu Sha’s executive members here and thought that Yun Jian was unable to do it. He was not doubting Yun Jian or Si Yi.

It was just that the fact that Yun Jian knew someone from both organizations was already mind-boggling. How could she ever come in touch with the higher-ups of the organizations?

"20 minutes at most," Si Yi lifted his wrist to check the black wrist watch he was wearing and said.

"What?" Confused, Ge Junjian asked after a small pause.

"An Hun Group’s higher-ups will be here in 20 minutes." Si Yi looked at his watch again before sending a text with just a press of a button on his phone.

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Ya Dang and Mo Sen who were here in Longmen City with him would rush here immediately after the message was sent.

"Uh..." Ge Junjian was bewildered.

"You can take us to your superior’s office first. We can talk face to face." Si Yi turned his sculpted face to Ge Junjian.

The latter took a glance at Yun Jian before nodding. "Alright, follow me."


The higher-ups’ office.

As the largest military training camp in Zhe Province, this was no doubt the base of all Zhe Province’s military high-ranking officers.

Ge Junjian was ranked high as well, but his area of jurisdiction differed from these chiefs. The latter were a rank higher than Ge Junjian and could be considered the decision-makers of Zhe Province’s military matters.

Ge Junjian was only a step away from being promoted to their level. It was just that his different areas of authority made it difficult for him to secure another promotion.

As of now, these chiefs were discussing the matter of Ge Junjian requesting to deploy the army to take out Inferno Ring through a collaboration with An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries.

"Ge Junjian is somehow blinded this time! Look, he’s been an officer for years! Yet, he’s listening to a newbie this time!" A military chief voiced out, enraged.

"I’ve heard about the newbie. Yun Jian or something, right? She’s accomplished two missions. I guess it’s another young lady brimming with confidence. She mustn’t have known about the evil in this world yet. That must be why she’s deceived by assassin organizations like An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries!" Another chief sighed forlornly.

"On what basis was your decision about me being deceived made!" The office door was opened and income Yun Jian and Si Yi, shoulder to shoulder, behind Ge Junjian.

Once Yun Jian entered, these were her brazen words.

Even Ge Junjian would not dare utter something that remotely sounded disrespectful to his superior but Yun Jian dared to!

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