The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 565 - The Commanders Are Here, So Hes…

Chapter 565 - The Commanders Are Here, So He\'s…

To be honest, Yun Jian was under him. When Ge Junjian heard Yun Jian rebutting the superior like that just as she went in, he felt his heart stutter. After all, he himself would never dare speak like this.

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Hearing Yun Jian’s brazen retort, the military higher-ups were astounded.

"You’re Yun Jian?" Someone countered in question swiftly—the military chiefs were no fools.

"I am," Yun Jian replied breezily. She crossed her arms in front of her c.h.e.s.t then, immediately presenting a commanding aura.

"You claim that you aren’t deceived? Young lady, you’re in your teens. I’ve gone through your personal data. You’re Yun Jian, a child from an ordinary family. I beg your pardon, how is someone like you making sure that powerful organizations like An Hun and Gu Sha will work with the military and not bite us back in the end?"

A robust, square-faced chief questioned Yun Jian. This was Officer Lin who gained quite the influence in the army. Despite that, he had only spoken up purely because he dared not take the risk.

No one in the office here did not want to uproot the Inferno Ring. These chiefs were Zhe Province’s military executives. They were the top in Zhe Province but they were only one of many among the other chiefs in Country Z.

Chief Yuan who judged the match previously, was F Province’s chief. His status was similar to Officer Lin’s.

If Inferno Ring were to be eliminated, Officer Lin and his colleagues here in the office would be known globally!

"That’s because forces like An Hun and Gu Sha will be disdainful to destroy you guys with a distasteful tactic like this!" What Yun Jian said was curt.

Both An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries were organizations known worldwide. Either one of them possessed the armament and manpower equivalent to a nation.

Why would a presence like that stoop so low to take out Zhe Province’s army?

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Officer Lin went silent from Yun Jian’s words. Si Yi kept quiet all the while, only looking at Yun Jian with a gentle gaze. Whatever she said or did, he would follow—even if she wanted to suck the ocean dry or pluck the stars and moon from the sky.

"We’ll agree to this if the higher-ups from An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries come in to negotiate with us," Officer Lin said after contemplating for a moment.

"Mark your words!" Two tall figures came in through the door, Ya Dang and Mo Sen.

Si Yi had called both of them earlier and kept the call connected, so both men had figured out the overall situation from the loud voices heard on the line.

Ya Dang told the military executives brusquely once he entered, "I’m commander of An Hun Group, Ya Dang, and he’s Mo Sen."

Si Yi’s subordinates had always done things in a straightforward and decisive manner, much like Si Yi.

"A-An Hun’s commanders, Ya Dang and Mo Sen?" Officer Lin who was seated cried in shock suddenly before his peers stood up in alarm.

They were only asking Yun Jian to send executive members of An Hun and Gu Sha here. There were 20 to 30 higher-ups in the organizations but Ya Dang and Mo Sen were at the top of An Hun’s executive hierarchy.

While there were four commanders in An Hun Group, Ya Dang and Mo Sen were people staying by the side of the most mysterious person in An Hun, its leader. There was no doubt both of them held half of An Hun’s decision-making authority!

However, this was not what had flabbergasted Officer Lin.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen would only be on the beck and call of An Hun Group’s leader. This was not exactly a secret in the business. There were even rumors that said when one met Ya Dang and Mo Sen, it was when one would see An Hun’s enigmatic leader.

Officer Lin and others shifted their gaze to Si Yi in shock.

Right now, he was the only one who matched the identity of An Hun Group’s leader... So he was...

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