The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 566 - A Pleasant Collaboration, A Right Choice

Chapter 566 - A Pleasant Collaboration, A Right Choice

Officer Lin and his colleagues reeled in their gazes soon enough.

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Just because Ya Dang and Mo Sen were here, it did not warrant that someone as terrifying as the leader of An Hun Group was here as well.

Rumors had it that the whereabouts of An Hun’s leader was even more mysterious than the chart-topper of the secret agent ranking, Slaying God!

This young man in front of them was only 20 years old at most.

Basically, they would not believe that Si Yi was An Hun Group’s leader unless Ya Dang and Mo Sen admitted to it themselves!

"You guys... are really An Hun Group’s commanders, Ya Dang and Mo Sen?" Officer Lin and his colleagues had obviously eliminated the possibility that Si Yi was An Hun’s leader as it was already a challenge to determine if these two men who claimed to be Ya Dang and Mo Sen were actually the commanders of An Hun Group.

How could they prove themselves to be who they said they were?

"You don’t believe it?" Ya Dang chuckled as he took a step forward. He caught a glimpse of Si Yi, understanding promptly from the latter’s gaze that they were not allowed to disclose his identity.

Ya Dang then fished out a phone from his pocket casually. His mature good looks, coupled with his action, made the military officers’ hearts lurch.

"I’ll prove it to you since you don’t believe me. Let me ask An Hun’s headquarters to fire a missile and destroy Longmen City’s city center and see if you’ll believe me!" Staying true to his words, Ya Dang made a call.

As the ones working beside Si Yi, Ya Dang and Mo Sen could discern what their young master wanted them to do just from his gaze. In addition, Ya Dang was one with extreme temper. Hearing Officer Lin’s skepticism, he wanted to show them some evidence there and then.

"Hey! Don’t! Don’t do it! I believe you guys! I believe it!" No one would talk about firing missiles so leisurely—who else could they be if not An Hun’s commanders? Alarmed, Officer Lin sprang up from his chair to stop the man.

Whether Ya Dang was speaking the truth or not, Officer Lin dared not risk this!

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The city center of Longmen City was populated by civilians. Even if Ya Dang was joking, there was no way Officer Lin could wager on the people’s safety.

The other chiefs agreed respectively once Officer Lin spoke. After all, if Ya Dang and Mo Sen were not from An Hun, they would never do something so flagrant.

"Officers, here’s to a pleasant collaboration, then," Yun Jian stepped forward with a smile before she said with quirked corners of her lips.

With the presence of Ya Dang and Mo Sen, the military executives finally permitted the request after a long contemplation.

"I finally know why Officer Ge trusts you. Young lady, you win!" Officer Lin relented ultimately.

They had to give it to her that she was good with her timing. The higher-ups like Officer Lin had never seen a young lady like Yun Jian. Of course, the other reason that they had agreed to Yun Jian in deploying the army was because of Si Yi. Instincts told them that Si Yi was not a simple man!

Officer Lin had a good eye. He had caught the exchange of gazes between Ya Dang and Si Yi just now.

"But the military can’t afford to give you guys too much manpower. The most we can send is ten squads of Advanced Special Forces soldiers!" This was the maximum of what Officer Lin could provide. The army worked on shifts and rotations too.

Each Advanced Special Forces member was capable of taking ten times more than an ordinary soldier. Ten squads with seven as the least in a team and ten at most would make up to about 100 people.

"That’s enough. Thanks." Yun Jian nodded with crescent eyes and continued speaking brashly looking at the military executives, "I’ll make you know that believing me is the best choice you’ve made!"

Once the Inferno Ring was destroyed, Zhe Province’s army would garner global attention.

In spite of it, Officer Lin and his colleagues were already vehement now.

This young lady was presumptuous but it felt like she had the capability for it!

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