The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 567 - Departure—Shes Going Too

Chapter 567 - Departure—She\'s Going Too

Yun Jian’s audacious claim jolted the military higher-ups.

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These men would not be going to the mission but since they had allowed Ge Junjian ten teams of Advanced Special Forces soldiers, it was adequate for Yun Jian.

After all, Gu Sha and An Hun members were the ones taking on the heavy load. The army was useful—these 100 or so ASF soldiers could really take on 1000 ordinary people, so they could more or less hinder some men when they fought Inferno Ring.

This way, Gu Sha Mercenaries was securing the victory!

Yun Jian wore a small smile. Her charming face was growing more alluring as half a year drifted by.

When she was just reborn, this body was frail and bony. After nearly half a year, Yun Jian was now shapely where it mattered. When she breathed, especially, her ample bosoms rose and fell under the thick layers of clothes.

It nearly gave Si Yi a nosebleed. This was the first time in his life to have looked at a woman until he almost had a nosebleed! If the blood did spurt from his nose, who knew if Ya Dang and Mo Sen would spread it around as a joke...

Si Yi turned away from Yun Jian swiftly but there was an upward curve of lips on his chiseled jaw.

Mo Sen, who stayed silent watching Ya Dang speak, felt the corners of his lips twitch when he caught Si Yi’s smile. He had never seen his young master with so much expression, so a smirk crept up his mature face as well.

"We can depart now." Ge Junjian pressed his parched lips together. No one other than himself could understand the waves of emotions surging within him.

Taking down an organization with significant global standing like Inferno Ring made Ge Junjian feel like he was a hero who was suddenly up for a big quest.

To the man, this was no doubt the most dangerous but the most anticipated mission he was on after becoming an officer of the Advanced Special Forces.

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"Mm." Yun Jian squinted her eyes into crescents before following Ge Junjian out of the higher-ups’ office.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen stayed behind Si Yi as they escorted him to leave.

The military chiefs had only breathed in relief after they watched Si Yi being escorted away by Ya Dang and Mo Sen. The man’s aura was too powerful. Even when he did not speak, one could feel his domineering air!

Ge Junjian, who received the approval, gathered his selected ten best ASF teams in the camp within half an hour. After some required explanation, all ten teams were thrilled. They were fearful but they were equally excited and fervent.

They were going to work with An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries to wipe the Inferno Ring out! This was a massive glory to them!

On the other hand, Yun Jian had gone to update Team Monarch. As the members were all newbies, their abilities did not qualify them to join this mission. Hence, Yun Jian rushed to the assembly after informing them.

Si Yi had already departed to An Hun Group for the arrangement with Ya Dang and Mo Sen—not before he bid goodbye to Yun Jian, of course.

When Yun Jian came back from Team Monarch’s training ground, Ge Junjian was waving at her from where he stood. "Yun Jian, you’re the only one missing. Come quick!"

There were already five buses parked beside the man. With a light nod, Yun Jian headed for him.

"Officer Ge, why’s she going too?" A hostile voice of a man sounded during then.

Apparently, this person had no idea of the situation.

When Yun Jian took a look, she saw Shao Weiming from Champ Squad—who had argued with Chu Xiangnan and later mocked Team Monarch during their second mission—ask Ge Junjian in surprise with a finger pointed at her.

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