The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 568 - The Collaboration. We Move Early Morning

Chapter 568 - The Collaboration. We Move Early Morning

Champ Squad that Shao Weiming was a member of was an ASF team led by Yu Fengcheng. The team was considered to be the top in abilities among the ASF. That was why Shao Weiming was so disdainful about Yun Jian and the team back then.

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Now, he had even held a grudge against Team Monarch due to the last mission. Everyone in Champ Squad was criticized and punished by Ge Junjian after the last mission was completed by the new addition, Team Monarch. Ge Junjian chided that they were lesser than newbies; despite having spent decades in Advanced Special Forces with the shortest time in service among them to be more than ten years!

Members from Champ Squad and Flying Dragons resented Yun Jian and her team members.

Nonetheless, Team Monarch’s trip to F Province, including what Yun Jian had done in the chiefs’ office just now, was not known by Shao Weiming and his comrades.

Shao Weiming had only heard Ge Junjian talk briefly about the incident in F Province’s martial club while the military was deploying them this time to exterminate Inferno Ring.

Logically, Shao Weiming thought that a newbie like Yun Jian was wholly unqualified to participate in a mission like this, thus he was contemptible about her appearance.

In spite of it, what Ge Junjian said next baffled everyone. "Of course. Yun Jian’s the one who contacted An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries. How are we working together with the organizations if she’s not going?"

Ge Junjian’s words shook everyone up.

What? What?!

Yun Jian was the one who contacted people from An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries?

Ho-how was that possible?

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The two largest assassin organizations, An Hun and Gu Sha, were incredibly profound and Yun Jian knew people there? She could make them work with the military to destroy the Inferno Ring together as well?

What Ge Junjian said clammed the mouthy Shao Weiming up immediately.

"Let’s go, Officer Ge," Yun Jian said once she got to Ge Junjian, thinking Shao Weiming was ludicrous and did not even spare him a glance.

"Alright," Ge Junjian replied and ushered everyone in the five prepared buses.

Shao Weiming and the others from Champ Squad who despised Yun Jian watched with bafflement. It was until Ge Junjian urged them into the bus that they went onto it all fl.u.s.tered.

The five buses drove the army three hours to arrive at Ning City’s harbor in Zhe Province.

Inferno Ring’s headquarters was at Bridge Bay Pier in Country S. To go to Country S from Country Z by road was unrealistic as the buses would have to take them through several countries. Their best option was to take a ferry to go straight to Country S.

When the troop arrived in Country S, it was 6-7pm in the evening.

"Let’s rest for the night in a hotel. We’ll move early morning later," Yun Jian told Ge Junjian after they alighted the ferry and the colorful neon lights of the city came into view.

"Sure." Ge Junjian nodded.

"Yun Jian, is this how you’re acting? You know people from An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries, so? Why does Officer Ge have to listen to your instruction? Who do you think you are?" Shao Weiming could not help yapping when he was already indignant just now, as he currently saw the girl he hated standing before him like she was flaunting.

To the man, he thought that Ge Junjian would be on his side when he said that. After all, he was helping him!

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