The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 569 - Shut Up. Ruling The Crowd

Chapter 569 - Shut Up. Ruling The Crowd

"Because I know people from An Hun and Gu Sha. Do you know any? You can call the shots if you know them." Yun Jian glared at Shao Weiming before looking at him like he was an idiot.

Yun Jian rarely ever mocked someone with a sharp tongue, but her patience had long run thin with Shao Weiming who kept buzzing around her ears like a bee.

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At Yun Jian’s retort, Shao Weiming was at a loss for words despite his continuous taunts earlier.

Yun Jian could be quiet usually but once she spoke, she made sure she hit the nail right on the head.

Someone standing beside Shao Weiming who was not from either Champ Squad or Flying Dragons laughed at the man when he was intimidated by Yun Jian. "Haha, I didn’t expect the usually almighty Shao Weiming to be silenced by a young lady!"

It was obvious that the person did not share a friendly relationship with Shao Weiming.

"Humph!" Shao Weiming scoffed and walked away.

"Heh heh, little sister, I support you! You’re great! I’ve been miffed by that Shao Weiming kid for a long time!" The man who ribbed Shao Weiming for Yun Jian grinned at her.

This person was one of the members among the ten Advanced Special Forces teams who came to Country S, Zhang Dali.

Yun Jian flashed him a faint smile.

Beep, beep, beep...

Yun Jian’s phone that she had kept in her pocket rang suddenly, prompting her to pull it out and answer the call.

Ge Junjian and the other militants did not know what Yun Jian was told as she said nothing. Whilst she listened, she was only wearing a slight squint and a half smile. She cut the line a while later and turned to Ge Junjian, pressing her lips together before saying, "Change of plan. We depart right now."

"Huh?" The Advanced Special Forces were confused.

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"Follow me," Yun Jian said.

All the ASF members were already in their full gear. The battle with the Inferno Ring was starting in advance! They did not have to wait till early morning to depart.

Yun Jian was not with Gu Sha nor An Hun. She led the troop of ASF soldiers to Bridge Bay Pier and explained on the way, unafraid that people in Country S could understand Chinese.

"The initial plan was for An Hun and Gu Sha to spearhead the operation but it seems that we have to go first now."

The Advanced Special Forces were taking the lead! Was this a joke?

Someone cried out when Yun Jian had just finished, "What? We’re up first? Inferno Ring’s an international assassin organization! Their hitmen and secret agents are exceptionally skilled. Are we not waiting for An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries to barge in together?"

"Yeah! What crazy joke are you making? We only have slightly more than 100 people here. Isn’t this suicide?"


"Yun Jian, you’ve gone over the line! Are you taking us on a suicide mission? I don’t want to die because of you!" Grabbing the chance presented, Shao Weiming ragged on Yun Jian.

Everyone began pointing fingers and criticizing Yun Jian in a blink of eyes while Shao Weiming gloated.

"Shut up! All of you!" Yun Jian hollered out of the blue just when Ge Junjian wanted to say something.

She was the only female out of the 100 and more ASF soldiers, but her abrupt shout jolted everyone’s heart and they kept their lips sealed swiftly.

This was her innate commanding aura!

What the girl said next shocked the troop. "Suicide? What are you guys scared of when I’m here? I’d like to see how good Inferno Ring is—if they could lay a finger on any of you in front of me!"

Inferno Ring could try hurting her people in front of her, Slaying God!

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