The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 57 - Blinding. Its US Dollars

Chapter 57 - Blinding. It\'s US Dollars

Yun Jian withdrew her hand a beat faster than the female attendant, so the latter’s hand missed its target.

The female attendant did not think much into it as she spoke to Yun Jian patronizingly, "Little girl, this is the fourth level. We don’t sell toys you like, we sell computers! Computers, you know? Something you can surf the internet with! Ay, never mind, you won’t know what I’m saying anyway. Go along your way now!"

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The female attendant had always been proud of her job selling computers at the gadget town.

She even thought she was superior to others as her customers here were entrepreneurs and bosses; some people don’t even know what a computer was or had ever seen one.

She instinctively categorized Yun Jian to that group of people, her tone proud when she spoke.

She was thinking that she was nothing in front of personages but she could at least seek some sense of superiority from a little girl.

Yun Jian was amused, wondering where the female attendant’s sense of supremacy came from.

"This is the newest laptop, ThinkPad 600, 13.3inch. Maximum RAM support 64/320MB, 5GB hard disk, and weighs 2.5kg. I’m not wrong, am I, miss?"

Yun Jian disregarded the female attendant’s babbling and recited the laptop’s specifications in a breath.

Since the female attendant said that she did not know what a computer was, she gave her an account of the laptop’s specifications.

Presuming that Yun Jian was a little girl who knew nothing, the female attendant’s eyes widened when she could memorize the specifications. Why did it feel like she was showing off in front of an expert just now?

Furthermore, the female attendant did not even comprehend what Yun Jian was saying. She only knew to sell computers – how could she know about the specifications of computers or laptops?

"Tha – that’s right..." To save herself from humiliation the female attendant had expressed her fake acknowledgment.

"I want it. Pack the laptop for me." Yun Jian’s index and middle finger tapped the glass counter twice while her other hand went into her pocket to retrieve the bankcard that stored nearly one hundred million US dollars, tossing it to the counter.

That amount of money was in Qin Yirou’s bankcard at first but Yin Jian had later signed up for a bankcard herself and transferred the money.

This bankcard belonged to her, Yun Jian.

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"This – uh..." The female attendant was baffled once more.

She had thought that Yun Jian was the type of kid who was just poor but came here to look around.

She was actually here to buy a computer? – And she used a bankcard?

The female attendant wondered if there was really money inside the card.

"The laptop’s price is set at 31999 Chinese yuan. Is the money in this card..."

"Enough" did not roll out of the female attendant’s tongue fast enough as Yun Jian cut her short.

"There’s no password set. Please return it to me at once after you swipe it," Yun Jian stated, not entertaining the female attendant’s quip.

Up to this point, the female attendant could only pick up the card and go to the cashier.

She was eager to find out if a little girl’s card could really pay thirty thousand Chinese yuan. It was not a small sum, after all.

She only earned two to three thousand Chinese yuan a month working here and a monthly wage like this was relatively high during this period of time!

Reaching the cashier, the female attendant was not in a hurry to swipe the payment. Perhaps it was her curiosity. She wanted to find out how much this assertive girl had in her bankcard.

As the card was not protected by a password, she checked the balance first.

When the digits popped up signifying the card’s balance, the female attendant nearly dropped the card from her shock.

The number printed on the screen was 99,970,000.

There were two blinding words behind the digits too, "US dollars"!

It was 99,970,000 US dollars!

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