The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 570 - A Paradise—Taini Island

Chapter 570 - A Paradise—Taini Island

Yun Jian’s sudden domineering aura dropped everyone’s jaw.

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What were they scared of with her here? What was there for them to be scared of?

A 16-year-old girl like her who had just joined the Advanced Special Forces was not even scared, what were grown men like them fearful of?

Briefly, everyone quieted down.

"There’s no obligation for those who are reluctant to go with me. You can return to Country Z right now, by ferry or plane, I’ll foot the bill for the return tickets!"

Yun Jian was already a little over 160cm now but standing before her male colleagues who were 175cm and above, she looked relatively petite.

In spite of it, she overlooked the troop, scanning everyone. Being stared back at by their fervent gazes, Yun Jian’s commanding presence despite her small size was more powerful than anyone else’s.

"Yun Jian, I, Ge Junjian, am no coward! I’ve already made my way here. Even if I die, I die taking out the Inferno Ring!" Ge Junjian spoke valiantly, his determined declaration seeping into everyone who listened.

Yes, they were faithful men! They were people of Country Z! They were no cowards! They represented Country Z’s Zhe Province!

It was their honor to have the opportunity to come to Country S to take out the Inferno Ring with Ge Junjian this time!

Who knew how many Advanced Special Forces members there were who yearned to come but did not qualify too!

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. Gazing at the vehement troop, they were riding the thrilling wave of going big or going home. The resolution engulfed each of their cells and planted itself deep in their bones.

"A young lady like you isn’t even scared of dying. Why should we be? Young lady, I’ve decided! Life or death, my life is in your hands!" someone shouted in the crowd.

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"That’s right! We’re men of the men. Why are we scared of the Inferno Ring? We die gloriously if we have to!" someone else cried.

People began to step up and assert their determination with gusto when one or two men started to do it, their vows loud and booming.

Even locals of Country S who were passing by and did not understand Chinese could not help slowing down to check on these 100 and more men. They ultimately shook their heads and left in disconcerted shock.

The passersby were probably thinking, ’Have these foreigners gone crazy? They’re shouting and hooting by the roadside. That and to a young girl? What are they doing?’

What mattered the most before a battle was the unity of the people. When all of them were united, there was not much that could not be done.

With crescent eyes and a raised brow, Yun Jian smiled looking at the troop, and spoke her last rallying words, "I won’t let any of you die when I’m around. Come with me now."

High in motivation, the troop followed her right after that.

The members of Champ Squad and Flying Dragons, Shao Weiming included, glowered at Yun Jian’s back in belligerence. They were ordered to come to Country S by their superior. If they ran away now, they would be deserters.

Moreover, it was a mission to uproot Inferno Ring. How could they leave a mission requested by their superior as they wished? Unable to help it, they could only follow the rest of their comrades hanging their heads.


Taking a ferry at Bridge Bay Pier would bring them straight to a vacation island named Taini Island.

Taini Island was a beautiful island for vacations but no one knew that it was also the base of Inferno Ring’s headquarters.

Leading Ge Junjian and the rest of the ASF around the island’s mountain, Yun Jian and the army went along a steep cliff that ordinary people could not have hiked and came to the center of the island.

Surrounded by a steep cliff, Inferno Ring was located in the center of the pit that resembled a paradise. It was like a crater was dug out in the center of the mountain. This was why no one to date discovered that Taini Island was also Inferno Ring’s headquarters, even when it was an island for vacations.

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