The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 571 - Her High Profile. Come On Out

Chapter 571 - Her High Profile. Come On Out

From the top, the steep surrounding cliff made it feel like an abysmal valley. Yet, looking up from the bottom of Taini Island’s mountain, it was covered in trees and bushes. Just looking out from around the island, however, there was nothing out of the ordinary that could be sighted.

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Taini Island was a special island. Initially, no one expected this mountain that seemed no more different than other mountains to have an enormous pit in its center.

Inferno Ring’s headquarters had not been here in the past either. It was once when its members flew past the top of this island’s mountain in a helicopter that they discovered the place.

Copses of trees grew in the ginormous pit. Because the sun could shine in through the cliff, the greenery here thrived.

Located in the middle of the ocean, Taini Island actually had a copious source of freshwater. Hence, Inferno Ring moved its headquarters here. There was a saying that the most dangerous place was also the safest place—that was probably what Inferno Ring thought as well.

"Is the headquarters of Inferno Ring really here in this wilderness?"

The troop climbed up from the bottom of the mountain with rock-climbing equipment and finally landed in the huge pit surrounded by the ridge.

The lush woodland was undeniably a good hiding place. In spite of it, there was no other sound except the birds and insects occasionally.

"Mn." Yun Jian nodded. She was the first to keep the hiking tools and led the way.

"Yun Jian, move quietly. This is Inferno Ring’s headquarters. They’ll hear us if you walk so loudly! I don’t want to die even when you want to!" Shao Weiming could not help crying out when he saw how Yun Jian trekked forward carelessly without hiding herself, his tone brimming with fear of death.

Yun Jian ignored him.

Ge Junjian thought that she must have her reason for doing so.

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Taini Island was not a large place but the gigantic pit that sat openly in the cliff was still a long distance to cover by foot.

"We’re close." Yun Jian pressed her lips together. She pressed on the Browning pistol clipped at her h.i.p.s then at her butterfly knife hidden around her waist before marching forward.

She had picked the Browning pistol in the military before they departed. Other than the butterfly knife, in her last life, she was most familiar with the Browning pistol made in the USA.

Not too long after Yun Jian had spoken, the troop was greeted by a massive base concealed by a stretch of forest in front of them. It looked similar to the houses one would see usually but it was dozens of times larger than them.

Yun Jian knew that this base housed everything. It mixed everything together, like the training ground for assassins or the meeting room for Inferno Ring’s executive members.

This was not all that Yun Jian knew. She also knew that going in through the side door on the south would take her to the daily meeting room of Inferno Ring’s executive members.

She gestured with her hands and the ASF knew instantly that she was intruding through the southern door. The squad of ASF led by Ge Junjian tried their best to stay silent as they inched as close as they could to the southern door. Each of them held a gun as they stayed close to the wall awaiting Officer Ge’s instruction.

This was what Special Forces accustomed to.

Then, Yun Jian came to the targeted door in a high profile and kicked it. As everyone else gasped and cursed, she kicked the southern door open—simple and brutal!

Goodness! What was Yun Jian trying to do! The ASF could not help s.u.c.k.i.n.g in a breath. They had never seen someone do it like her!

Would they all not die if this alarmed the Inferno Ring?

Just then, they saw Yun Jian standing tall and proud at the door, shouting audaciously, "Job, come on out with everyone in Inferno Ring!"

Job—the pseudonym of Inferno Ring’s boss.

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