The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 572 - Avoiding The Machine Gun And Advancing Straight

Chapter 572 - Avoiding The Machine Gun And Advancing Straight

Yun Jian had met Job before. When she was still Slaying God in her past life, she attended the international assassin organization event with a disguise. It was just that she had been staying beside Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard, so no one recognized her to be Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss.

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In addition, she had been young. Even before her rebirth, she was only a year older than her current body’s age, turning 17 years old after Lunar New Year.

How was the chart-topper of international secret agent ranking, Slaying God, only 17 years old?

Even when she had attended the event, no one imagined her to be Slaying God. In fact, Yun Jian had only been 16 years old in her past life. Perhaps this was the age of a child to many but she had spent 11 years in the secret agent business.

Her achievements were not more outstanding than others and she was not more gifted compared to them. She was just scared of dying, so others had to die before she did!

Anyway, the Advanced Special Forces were not paying attention to this. They had no idea about it. What they did know was that Yun Jian had gone crazy right now!

Inferno Ring was an assassin organization and they had come for an ambush this time to uproot them! They had not discussed it but everyone knew that they came in secret, so the matter of course was to sneak in.

Yun Jian, however, had blatantly kicked the door to Inferno Ring open?

Was she declaring war openly?

"Yun Jian, come back!" Ge Junjian shouted in worry. Since they had exposed themselves, the fear had vanished along with it. Watching Yun Jian stand at the southern door and kick it open, what if people in Inferno Ring strafed her with guns?

This was Inferno Ring, an assassin organization people were terrified of! Yun Jian was going to die doing this!

Bang, bang, bang...

Words had just rolled off Ge Junjian’s tongue when a series of machine gun raking could be heard from the door. The continuous blitz of bullets attacked from the inside of the southern door—their target was Yun Jian who stood at the door!

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"No! Come back, Yun Jian!" Ge Junjian was shocked witless and sprinted for the girl. He would save her even if he had to die for it.

"Damn it! She doesn’t want to live and she wants Officer Ge to die with her?!" Shao Weiming growled aloud, not forgetting to lambast Yun Jian even during this critical moment.

Everyone in the ASF gripped their guns to move closer to Yun Jian. Yet, as Ge Junjian took two steps toward her and was still hidden from view since he had yet to reach the door where Yun Jian was, he saw Yun Jian quirk her lips up.

In the next second, an astonishing scene unfolded before the ASF...

Yun Jian turned slightly before pouncing to the side and rolled on the floor, avoiding the machine gun strafing just in time!

What dropped their jaws was not this.

While Yun Jian rolled, she pulled out the butterfly knife and Browning pistol from her h.i.p.s. Her left hand gripped the butterfly knife with its blade angled downward and her right hand held the pistol as she sprinted inside the door like a gust of wind after standing up from her rolling.

The rest of the soldiers had only heard her terse command, "Move!"

At Yun Jian’s direct order, everyone went feverish with gallantry. Yun Jian’s earlier moves served as a catalyst. She could not have done it so smoothly without at least a decade of practice!

"She avoided the strafing machine guns! Oh my god!" Someone exclaimed but when all of them reacted to it, Yun Jian was long gone from the south door.

The base covered a spacious area of land. Yun Jian had already charged in and guns were heard firing incessantly from inside of the house.

Worried that something would happen to Yun Jian, Ge Junjian led his men toward the door at once.

Just as they came to the south door, they could see straight into the inside of the base. What greeted them, however, was a mass of people lying in blood—the backs of their hands were adorned with Inferno Ring’s unique symbol, the golden rose—while Yun Jian was nowhere to be found.

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