The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 573 - Kill The Intruder! A Bloodshed

Chapter 573 - Kill The Intruder! A Bloodshed

If Ge Junjian and others could recognize it, they would realize that the people who succ.u.mbed in the pool of blood were part of Inferno Ring’s executive members!

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Going into Inferno Ring’s base from the south door was the meeting room of Inferno Ring’s executive members. When Slaying God struck, they did not even have the time to react before they were instantly murdered.

As for the raking of gunfire after Yun Jian kicked the door open just now, it was by part of Inferno Ring’s subordinates who guarded here. It was unfortunate that they would not have expected to die being killed by a teenage girl even when they were on the brink of death.

It was also in luck that Ge Junjian and the rest of the ASF had not followed her immediately. Otherwise, they would witness something even more baffling—Yun Jian’s slaying movements that flowed with practiced ease with one hand holding a butterfly knife and another gripping a pistol!

Holding the pistol and loading the bullets with one hand, she continued killing people with the butterfly knife in her other hand without any hindrance—using both hands simultaneously.

Who else in this world could kill a floor of people within several seconds like Slaying God?

As for now, Yun Jian had dashed up the stairs of Inferno Ring’s base and was sprinting toward the third floor of this gigantic building. Her steps were light on the staircase, landing without any sound.

Clever as Ge Junjian was, he snapped out of the shock and waved his hand, gesturing the ASF behind him to keep up with him.

"Go." He turned back and mouthed soundlessly, to which his subordinates nodded and followed.

Inside this meeting room, they saw a spiral staircase made of steel. Peering up from the bottom, they could still see Yun Jian springing and bouncing agilely, arriving at the third floor in a flash.

"Someone’s barged in! Kill the intruder!" There were already a number of Inferno Ring members who discovered Yun Jian at the corner of the third floor’s staircase and the foreigners cried out urgently.

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These people picked up the submachine guns right away and opened fire at Yun Jian.

There was a huge pillar blocking Ge Junjian and the squad, so the Inferno Ring members did not notice them.

The soundproofing of rooms in the base was excellent. When Yun Jian shot some of the executive members in the meeting room earlier, no one in the base realized that they were now dead.

"We move up as well!" Ge Junjian swiped the tip of his nose with his hand and gritted his teeth before charging out as the first with his firearm.

The Advanced Special Forces had worn bulletproof vests. As long as their organs were not shot from a close distance or that their head was struck, they would not die. They would sustain some light injury at most!

The bulletproof vests were effective but no matter how fine the quality was, no one could survive being shot from a close distance. If that happened, no bulletproof vest could take the bullet’s momentum no matter its quality and effectiveness.

Just as Ge Junjian and his comrades dashed out, the north door of Inferno Ring’s base was kicked open too. Those who entered held machine guns and blitzed the inside of the base in a frenzy.

With his sharp perception, Ge Junjian noted that these people were most probably from An Hun Group or Gu Sha Mercenaries.

There was no mark of a skull on these north-door intruders, so it was evident that they were under An Hun!

Ge Junjian and his men took cover and hid once An Hun Group struck. At the same time, they fired at Inferno Ring’s men in support of An Hun’s people staying obscured.

It was instantaneous bloodshed. The Inferno Ring sent batches of people but none escaped the doom of death.

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