The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 576 - She’s Slaying God, So He’s…

Chapter 576 - She’s Slaying God, So He’s…

She’s Slaying God?!

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Coincidental listeners to the conversation between Yun Jian and Job, everyone else in the building broke out in cold sweat.

Slaying God? What other Slaying God could there be?

Which other Slaying God, if not the number-one on the international secret agent chart, to paint fear on the face of Inferno Ring’s boss?

It matched what Yun Jian said just now. It was Slaying God who had stolen the sandalwood box back then—but how was Yun Jian possibly Slaying God?

"Slaying God? What! How’s this possible? My gosh, Yun Jian’s Slaying God! Is this a joke? Why—How is this..." Shao Weiming yelped in panic. He blanched. The shock on his face could only be described as terrifying consternation.

How could she be Slaying God? The Slaying God who topped the chart of the international secret agent ranking? How could that be her?

Nonetheless, the person who was the most bewildered was not Shao Weiming, Yu Fengcheng, or anyone from Champ Squad and Flying Dragons. It was Ge Junjian who was standing downstairs with them.

Other than Ge Junjian and Si Yi, Ya Dang as well as Mo Sen, no one knew about Yun Jian’s family background.

Was she not Qin Yirou’s daughter? Having spent time with Qin Yirou, Ge Junjian had heard stories from the woman. He had heard how Yun Jian was like in the past and the change she had gone through now—like Yun Jian’s grade being awful when she started ninth grade and was even ranked last in the school, but somehow, her daughter’s transformation during that period, be it her personality or oddly proficient skills, was baffling.

Qin Yirou used to feel suspicious but her Xiao Jian still looked the same. She also thought that Yun Jian’s change must be due to her feeble powerlessness, so she let it go ultimately.

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Right now, however, Ge Junjian was dumbfounded that if Yun Jian was Slaying God, how could Qin Yirou have taken care of her at home for over a decade!

Realizing this, Ge Junjian did not point out the jarring incongruity directly. There were still a lot of people standing around, after all. He kept a light frown but he stayed silent.

Other than Si Yi, even Ya Dang and Mo Sen, as well as those from An Hun Group whom they had brought along were astonished.

"Slaying God—Slaying, no, no! It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill your brother! No..." Job said and tried to roll his short self to the side. His gaze was genuinely fearful.

"Not you? Who else, then? Hah..." Yun Jian moved whilst stepping on Job’s wounds. Two steps later, she lifted her leg and stomped it down on the man’s wound as she said abruptly, "You must die! But I’ll make death a sweet escape you can’t have!"

"Mo Sen."

Si Yi peeled his eyes off Yun Jian and looked down at Mo Sen who was standing downstairs right after the girl spoke. Mo Sen understood his superior and left the base at once.

It was then that Ge Junjian was caught with a realization.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen were from An Hun Group but why were they following Si Yi waiting for his order just now? They were An Hun’s commanders.

It was said that An Hun Group had four commanders, Ya Dang, Mo Sen, Snow Eagle, and Lin Wei. Four of them worked separately, in charge of different roles.

Lin Wei was responsible to train secret agents and assassins in the organization while Snow Eagle was the public face, attending various events representing An Hun. Ya Dang and Mo Sen stuck around the leader, so wherever they were, there the boss of An Hun Group was!

Yun Jian was Slaying God, so Si Yi was...

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