The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 579 - The Mysterious Person. Coming Clean

Chapter 579 - The Mysterious Person. Coming Clean

"I’ll say it! I’ll tell you!" Job nearly passed out when the same part of his t.h.i.g.h was shot.

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The first stab Yun Jian made went straight into the base of Job’s t.h.i.g.h before she continued to stab the limb with her butterfly knife repeatedly. Furthermore, she stepped on Job’s wound with her foot. Each advance felt fatal!

Given an ordinary person, they would have fainted several times because of it. Job was not exactly the best in the field of assassination but he had gone through special training. In his past he was a hitman, after all, so he was still equipped with as much ability.

Job was not excellent but he reached the standard of an average assassin. As Inferno Ring’s leader, he would not have any following if he was truly useless.

For Job to take the place of Inferno Ring’s leader with only the capability of an average assassin, this made Yun Jian suspicious if there was someone else behind Job.

What Job said just now told her enough—from his expression—that he was not lying. This meant that Job, who knew that the sandalwood box was from another world, was not the killer who asked for her brother to be killed.

"I’m not sure about the details. I just know that the sandalwood box comes from another world... Hmm... A world called Yulong Mainland!" Not daring to keep anything to himself, Job endured the pain and spoke through gritted teeth.

The man was already too weak to move. The wounds from the knife and gun, in addition to Yun Jian’s steps, were debilitating his legs! If he was not treated in time, he might not be able to stand ever again.

Afraid that Si Yi would actually shoot him, Job continued to speak, spilling out as much of what he knew to prove his innocence.

"Inferno Ring isn’t actually mine either! What you heard from the outside is wrong. The truth is nothing like that!"

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"I became Inferno Ring’s boss in the last two years. You might have thought that I’ve been one for years, right?"

"That’s not even the truth!"

"Two years ago, I was still just an assassin who was just starting out. My moniker wasn’t even Job. A mysterious person found me out of the blue and said that he could make me the boss of Inferno Ring, the person who could have all the girls to himself and be above everyone in the organization!"

"Heh heh, how could I not agree to something fantastic like this? I told him yes instantly!"

"I actually became Inferno Ring’s leader after that and the mysterious person asked Metal King Kong to help me with managing the organization."

"But I realized that there was someone named Job before me and that person was the previous boss of Inferno Ring! I found out unintentionally that he was killed by that mysterious person!"

"I was scared witless but I dared not make a fuss out of it. Since you guys have exposed me today, it doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s work together. I don’t want to get killed by that mysterious person and I’m not the Job you think I am. The Job you have in your mind might have long been dead! I don’t know how many people called Job have taken the title as Inferno Ring’s boss!"

"Oh, the mysterious person was the one who asked me to send Wolf.Kill to seize the sandalwood box. He came up with the plan too."

"The fact that the sandalwood box is something from another world is told by the mysterious person as well. He seems to be executing some sort of plan."

"I’m telling you all of this because I want to work with you guys. Don’t kill me, I’ve told you everything I know!"

Job came clean and looked at Yun Jian and Si Yi pleadingly.

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