The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 58 - Contacting Alluring Demon. You Heisted It, Didnt You?

Chapter 58 - Contacting Alluring Demon. You Heisted It, Didn\'t You?

There was close to one hundred million US dollars remaining in this card. That was equivalent to six hundred million Chinese yuan!

The female attendant grasped the card shakily, nearly choking herself.

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God knew how overwhelmed she was when she saw the digits.

What did it mean when a teenage girl possessed such a huge amount of money?

This girl was absolutely no ordinary person!

One was already notable with a net worth over one million in Longmen City and the female attendant was usually servile whenever millionaires like this came by.

Yet this girl...

The female attendant dared not allow her imagination to go wild. She quickly swiped the laptop’s cost from the bankcard and ran to where Yun Jian was.

When she passed the card back to Yun Jian, her hands trembled.

"Your – your card. Please keep it safe..." The female attendant’s attitude took a 180 degree change. She stuttered in her speech and swiftly ran to wrap the laptop that Yun Jian had bought.

She was so close to missing such valuable business because of her conceitedness. It was lucky that Yun Jian did not look like she minded.

The change in the female attendant’s attitude was evident to Yun Jian but she was not fazed.

Accepting the bag that contained her laptop, Yun Jian turned to leave.

"Have – have a good day!" The female attendant bowed deeply but did not receive any response.

Exiting the gadget town, Yun Jian went to sign up for a network cable. It was futile to have bought a laptop without having internet.

When she was done, it was already noon by the time she stepped out of Lianmei Shopping Center.

There was no one home. Qin Yirou had gone to work and would only return at night. Consequently, Yun Jian had her lunch at a noodle house in Longmen City before she went back to Xinjiang Town.

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Once she got home, she set up the broadband and went back to her room to switch on the laptop.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard, opening up a new webpage.

The webpage was used to contact her subordinates in her past life. She did not log on to it in the internet café that day because of its inconvenient operation in public.

Yun Jian logged on with her previous life’s moniker, "Slaying God".

Just as the webpage loaded, a rapid beep rang.

A small window popped out – a private message from her subordinate, Alluring Demon.

"Slaying, you heisted one hundred million US dollars from the company, didn’t you? You’re short of money?" The message that Alluring Demon left exuded disbelief.

The Slaying God certainly was not short of any fund but too bad she was Yun Jian now.

Yun Jian beamed and swiftly typed. "Yup."

Click. sent.

The reply from Alluring Demon was immediate.

"Give me your card number. I’ll transfer a few billion to you." Her reply was short and sweet.

A few billion was nothing in her eyes.

"No need. I don’t need it now." Yun Jian replied.

Truthfully, what she did not lack the most in her previous life was money. A few hundred million was an insignificant number to her.

Reborn, however, she realized that a few hundred million was already an astronomical figure for ordinary people.

Most of them would never possess such a large sum of money all their life.

After replying to Alluring Demon, Yun Jian flipped her laptop close and lay on the bed with her eyes closed in contemplation.

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