The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 580 - It’s A Snap. Wiping Out Witnesses

Chapter 580 - It’s A Snap. Wiping Out Witnesses

To stay alive, Job spilled everything that he knew. There was no doubt that he was scared to die. He had unintentionally realized that the previous boss, the last to the previous boss, and even the third previous boss of Inferno Ring were all named Job. More importantly, all these Jobs had never shown themselves to the outsiders.

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This meant that, without him, the mysterious person could still get more people named Job to replace him.

That said enough about the most terrifying fact—he could be killed anytime like the rest of the Jobs in the past.

Now that Yun Jian and others were invading and wiping out the Inferno Ring, Job thought he could come clean. He was not scared anymore—he would die either way. He might as well tell Yun Jian and Si Yi everything and begged for himself to be spared.

Job wanted to stay alive to toy with more beautiful women and spend his inexhaustible savings. After all, he had embezzled a lot of money from the organization within these two years! The reason Job had agreed to the mysterious person back then was because he could obtain what he was unable to in the past.

"Are you done?" Yun Jian asked with an arched brow.

Job nodded nursing his wounded t.h.i.g.h. "Yeah, I’m done. I’ve told you everything I know! Let me go, I’m innocent. It’s the mysterious person who asked me to do this. All the bad things weren’t my intention!"

Si Yi raised a brow at what Job said while Yun Jian continued to ask, "So the mysterious person’s the one who asked you to send Wolf.Kill to abduct my brother?"

Before Job could say anything, Yun Jian added curtly. "Be honest. Don’t even think about lying to my face or I’ll slit your throat right away!"

The intimidation of Slaying God was something Job was unable to challenge. He shrunk into himself, terrified of Yun Jian.

"Ye-Yes..." Job had his little tricks. He told Yun Jian softly before glancing up at her in fright, scared that Yun Jian would run the butterfly knife across his neck.

Job did not see Yun Jian doing anything but Si Yi who stood behind her pulled out his pistol suddenly and aimed it at him. Just as Job made half a sound, a shot was fired at his temple with a bang.

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When the bullet went into his temple and he was falling back, Job heard Si Yi’s superior and biased words. "Do you think you can still live to see tomorrow’s sun?"

Even when the order to kill Yun Zhu in his past life was not given by Job, he was the one who relayed the instruction to Wolf.Kill.

Did he think he could get out of this alive?

The beloved biological baby brother of Si Yi’s woman was killed by an order Job had passed along. How could Si Yi allow him to live till the next sunrise?

"Ah!" The woman who kneeled on the floor screeched but a kick from Ya Dang knocked her out.

"Young master, Mo Sen and I will uproot the remaining forces of the Inferno Ring with the others," Ya Dang turned to tell Si Yi as he stood in front of him respectfully.

"Mm." The singular sound Si Yi replied with was deep and buzzing.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen left with An Hun’s people swiftly while Gu Sha Mercenaries’ members had been slaying the organization’s remaining forces in other locations of the Inferno Ring.

The scene was left with a great deal of corpses, alongside Yun Jian, Si Yi, and the hundred over men of Advanced Special Forces. Other than as support, these ASF soldiers did not even do anything—there was no casualty to be mentioned either.

Ge Junjian looked at Yun Jian with a complicated gaze.

Yun Jian stood up with one leg and looked down at the ASF soldiers who were downstairs. "It’s a snap for me to kill all of you."

What did she mean?

The Advanced Special Forces members who stood behind Ge Junjian were alarmed. Was Yun Jian wiping out witnesses who found out that she was Slaying God?

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