The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 584 - Ya Dang Returns. Roaming Country S’ Streets

Chapter 584 - Ya Dang Returns. Roaming Country S’ Streets

"What are you doing?" Given no choice being wrapped in Si Yi’s arms and resting against his c.h.e.s.t, Yun Jian’s red cheeks looked exactly like a red apple.

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Si Yi smiled. If they were not at Inferno Ring’s base and were surrounded by piles of dead bodies, he would be cradling Yun Jian’s face and kissing her lips with so much intent.

’I can’t help wanting to eat you and make you stay by my side this entire lifetime.’ Yun Jian could not see Si Yi’s gorgeous face but she could hear his deep buzz of a voice clearly.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Yun Jian could even hear her own heartbeat distinctly. It was making its own wild beats. She parted her ruby lips but not a word came out.

Si Yi’s words made her shy but they also filled her with joy. What had gotten into her?

"Young master, I’ve contacted Gu Sha’s higher-up, Snake.Lizard. Gu Sha Mercenaries has taken out Inferno Ring’s remaining forces in advance, so we can consider Inferno Ring uprooted. You..." Ya Dang’s voice came through the door untimely during then.

He had left Taini Island just now but before he got far, he received Snake.Lizard’s update—all of Inferno Ring’s remaining forces were destroyed.

Ya Dang rushed back upon the news, wanting to let his young master know immediately, only to witness such a tantalizing scene of Si Yi’s larger build enveloping Yun Jian’s petite slender figure, just as he walked in.

Both of them were properly dressed but there was somehow a tinge of indecency in Ya Dang’s sight. Shocked, he promptly realized that he had come in at the wrong time and turned around to inform softly, "Uh... Young master, go ahead with what you’re doing. I’ll leave with the members first..."

"Hold it there." Si Yi’s voice came from behind him. Ya Dang thought that Yun Jian was going to be the bane of his existence this lifetime. Not daring to turn around, he asked meekly, "Young master, any...anything else?"

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"Let’s go back to An Hun together." Si Yi let go of his tight hold on Yun Jian and swooped down to look at her but he was speaking to Ya Dang. After that, he told Yun Jian, "I’ll make a trip back to An Hun. See you tomorrow."

He kept his eyes on Yun Jian longingly before holding her hand and leading them out.

Yun Jian did not oppose to her hand being held. She was still pink on her cheeks.

Holding Yun Jian’s hand, it was until Si Yi left Taini Island with Ge Junjian and others that he said again, "I’m leaving now. You go back home first."

"We won’t be able to make it back tonight. The ferry doesn’t operate at night. I’ve sent someone to book the tickets for tomorrow." Ge Junjian intervened.

It was already 6-7 pm when they got to Country S. The ferry that would take them back to Country Z would only operate in the day, so all of them had to stay the night here.

"Mm." Si Yi nodded and turned to hop on the private chopper that Ya Dang had readied—not before he took several more glances at Yun Jian.

Ya Dang manned the helicopter and left with Si Yi shortly. At that, Ge Junjian made his move and led Yun Jian and others back to Bridge Bay Pier of Country S.

They were in no hurry to look for a hotel. The troops, instead, roamed around the streets nearby the pier. "Country S is one of the ric.h.e.s.t countries in the world. I’ve been wanting to visit here!" one of the ASF soldiers exclaimed in delight.

"Me too," someone chorused immediately.

As the only girl, Yun Jian, walked among over a hundred grown men, it was inevitable that they attracted attention. Yun Jian beamed with her eyes but did not make any comment.

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