The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 585 - As You Wish. It’s Extirpated

Chapter 585 - As You Wish. It’s Extirpated

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Country S was one of the wealthiest nations in the world but its overall military competence was the weakest.


If people were to ask how rich Country S was, the people of Country S were so poor that all they had was money—even beggars drove sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. In actuality, Country S was a kingdom of oil. It had the largest oil reserves and highest oil production in the world, making it one of the world’s ric.h.e.s.t countries.

Due to its petroleum reserves, Country S’ main income depended on exporting oil. Long before Country S discovered its oil reserves, however, it had been a poor undeveloped nation. Since it found petroleum and began extracting it, it leaped into being what it was now based on its geographical advantage.

These were only temporary. God’s gift would run out one day...

Country S was also the only country in the world that prohibited females from getting a driver’s license and driving, thus women did not have a high standing here. It was feudalism at its best and the king was the monarch.

It was said that if one wished to know which household was the wealthiest in Country S, one only had to see how many thriving trees there were in front of their house. This was because people did not usually pump water from the earth but petroleum.—Whoever bought more water here symbolized how rich they were.

The Advanced Special Forces soldier who had voiced out his wish to visit Country S a long time ago introduced the nation’s history and current developments along their way. He was obviously interested in such topics.

When the troops were done walking down the streets in Country S, they called it an early night at a hotel. The next day, all of them took the ferry back to their homeland. It was until they got back to Country Z that they felt like it had been a dream. It was as if what happened in Inferno Ring did not actually exist, yet it felt crystal clear.

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Once they returned to Country Z, it also meant that their team had worked with Gu Sha Mercenaries and An Hun Group to take out the globally infamous Inferno Ring. It was inevitable that Zhe Province’s military troops were going to rise in reputation because of this.

Nonetheless, no one knew about Inferno Ring being extirpated as of yet. In another two days, most probably, the news would be spread worldwide and the ASF that Ge Junjian led would become recruitment targets of international headhunters.

The troops went back to their military training camp gleefully—not including Shao Weiming, Yu Fengcheng and the like. Everyone knew that the latter were in discord with Yun Jian but her identity was simply baffling.

Just as the five buses returned to the military training camp, Yun Jian could see three figures waiting at the entrance from a far distance away before she even got off the bus. When the buses got nearer, they saw that it was F Province’s Officer Bao, Coach Xu, and Ai Guoxun.

Noting Ai Guoxun’s preening look, it was like he found out about some marvel. Just as Yun Jian and Ge Junjian alighted the bus, Ai Guoxun walked over with Officer Bao and Coach Xu at once.

"I’m sorry, the Inferno Ring’s people were too good. When I attempted to catch him with Gu Sha’s members, he still managed to slip away," Officer Bao told Yun Jian with a guilty conscience, to which she raised her brow.

"Hahaha! Ge Junjian, why are you playing the hero? Failed your mission? You must be dreaming to fantasize about uprooting the Inferno Ring!" Ai Guoxun gloated.

It was apparent that the man was only here to mock them.

"My apologies. Looks like it didn’t go as you wish. Inferno Ring is extirpated," Yun Jian stated nonchalantly with a glare at the revealing man.

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