The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 586 - Brawny Metal King Kong

Chapter 586 - Brawny Metal King Kong

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"Haha, that’s what I said, how could you guys possibly take... What did you say! You guys took out the Inferno Ring? Ho-how’s that possible?!" Ai Guoxun’s mirthful voice came to a halt.

"How—how’s it possible? This is the Inferno Ring we’re talking about! Inferno Ring! How could you destroy..." Ai Guoxun was relentless. He stared at Yun Jian and Ge Junjian in horror before something else struck him suddenly.

Ge Junjian had led a troop to take out the Inferno Ring. Now? There was no casualty in the ten ASF teams that he was deployed with?

Ai Guoxun pointed a finger to him instantly, speaking conceitedly, "Hah, don’t think that I didn’t know. Ge Junjian, could you have deceived me? Don’t you forget that I’m also a commander in ASF!"

"Heh heh, why weren’t there any casualties when you said that you’ve taken down Inferno Ring? Don’t tell me that all of you are made of steel and brass—I’m not believing in such bull crap!"

What Ai Guoxun said sounded like it made sense. After all, Inferno Ring was an assassin organization listed right after An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries. Even when both the latter organizations had helped, it was impossible that Ge Junjian’s military troop suffered no damage...

"Ai Guoxun, you’re not welcomed in my troop. You can think what you want but get the hell back to F Province right now!" Ge Junjian exploded in rage and barked back furiously once he heard what Ai Guoxun said.

The latter felt a stutter in his heart, frightened by Ge Junjian’s sudden change. Ge Junjian had been holding grudges against him for years but he had never been one with a short explosive temper.

The reason for Ge Junjjian’s rage was because Ai Guoxun had said something as offensive as asking why they had no casualties to all his subordinates. He was basically stating that there should be people dying or injured in the ten Advanced Special Forces teams. It sparked Ge Junjian’s wrath in a flash.

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"Hah, did you think I want to visit here so much? I’m leaving right now! Ge Junjian, I’ll wait and watch you make a fool of yourself!" Ai Guoxun sneered at said man before turning to leave with a huff.

Watching the man leave, no one stopped him. What he said just now did raise everyone’s hackles and Ai Guoxun simply had a grating character.

It was after the man left that Yun Jian looked at Officer Bao and replied to what he said earlier, "The person Inferno Ring sent was skilled. It’s not your fault that you didn’t manage to take him down."

"Mn, that person was muscly and robust with powerful brute force. We couldn’t catch him even when we teamed up with Gu Sha Mercenaries." Officer Bao was still apological as he briefly described the situation.

"Muscly and robust? Was he brawny like he had inexhaustible energy?" Yun Jian arched a brow, staring directly at Officer Bao, as she stated more than asked.

"Yeah, uh... how did you know? You weren’t there. The person’s super strong and many in the police force got injured. A group of us tried to subdue him together but he managed to escape in the end..." As Officer Bao spoke, his tone was laced with guilt.

"Metal King Kong." Yun Jian squinted her eyes, her gaze flickering with killing intent.

"What?" Those around her were befuddled.

"That person’s moniker is Metal King Kong. He’s the most notable person in Inferno Ring," Yun Jian explained coolly with a press of lips.

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