The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 587 - Notice: Enrolling In The Military School

Chapter 587 - Notice: Enrolling In The Military School

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Yun Jian was quite surprised as well, not expecting Inferno Ring to send a bigshot like Metal King Kong to save Hertz and his accomplices. After all, Job was pretty weak himself and the reason he could keep running Inferno Ring instead of being killed and replaced by members around him was due to Metal King Kong.

More crucially, Metal King Kong was someone from the mysterious person mentioned by Job. This made Yun Jian seethe, determined to kill Metal King Kong.

In spite of it, this could not happen now because Metal King Kong escaped. He would never return to Inferno Ring, too, after finding out that the organization was destroyed.

This meant that Job had died but Yun Jian did not avenge her past younger brother’s death yet. Moreover, according to the dead Job, Yun Jian realized that the mysterious person and Metal King Kong could possibly come from Yulong Mainland. Like Lan Su, they could come from the stone cave in the catacomb.

Speaking of the cave that led to another world, perhaps the passage stopped countless capable experts in the world but it could not stop people from Yulong Mainland from coming over.

Yun Jian had heard from Lan Su that there were few in Yulong Mainland who were Lan Su’s level but to come through the stone cave was not actually a challenge. She had said that the cave, which was the teleportation array from earth to Yulong Mainland, was created by Lord Divinity and when he had created the cave and door, he had never set difficult obstacles.

Once someone passed the arrows of the cave, they could travel between both worlds.

Officer Bao and Coach Xu shuddered when they heard Yun Jian say that the person who got away was Inferno Ring’s top hitman, Metal King Kong. The latter was not ranked internationally but both the former had heard of his reputation—he was a terrifying presence who killed ruthlessly!

Yet, Officer Bao and his colleagues were not killed confronting him. Many had gotten injured but they were lucky no one died. As of now, Officer Bao had a belated feeling of escaping death.

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After the terror washed off, Officer Bao and Coach Xu bid farewell to Yun Jian and Ge Junjian. They were only here to inform them about what happened. When that was done, there was no reason for them to stay longer.

Yun Jian and Ge Junjian did not ask that of them either. Yun Jian also warned the policeman to be careful and keep his guard up in case Metal King Kong came back. The police officer agreed to it kindly and left.

"Yun Jian, come with me," Ge Junjian told Yun Jian after debriefing the other ASF soldiers.

He took her to the training ground of Team Monarch where Chu Ning and her other teammates saw them coming over from a distance away.

"Ha! Look, Yun Jian and Officer Ge came back safe and sound! I told you, it’s just the Inferno Ring. Heh heh, how could our Yun Jian’er and our valiant Officer Ge possibly fail!" Chu Ning sang and was the first to skip over.

"Yun Jian, how was it? I was so worried. Right, why are you guys back so soon?" Chu Xiangnan jogged to the back of Chu Ning and asked Yun Jian past the former.

The six of the team gradually came to Yun Jian.

"We’ve successfully wiped out the Inferno Ring." She smiled.

"Okay, Inferno Ring’s uprooted now and all this has Yun Jian to thank for." Ge Junjian beamed and read out the text he had just received from his superior on his phone, "I’ve just gotten the notice. All seven of you will be enrolling in the military school the superior has appointed when the school reopens. You’ll receive the best military education there!"

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