The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 588 - United. Playing Hide-And-Seek

Chapter 588 - United. Playing Hide-And-Seek

This was the latest news that Ge Junjian had received. When he first read it, he was nonplussed. Military schools were where the nation focused on training and cultivating military talents. At the same time, the score margin to enroll into one was incredibly high.

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Ge Junjian’s superior had basically connected the channel and sent all of Team Monarch directly.

Ge Junjian took a pause after speaking to look at Yun Jian and told her, "You’re in ninth grade right now, Yun Jian. The lowest grade they have in the military school is senior high school, so you’ll go after you finish your grade nine examinations and become a freshman in senior high school."

It could not be helped. After all, Ge Junjian’s superior had pulled the strings to send all seven of Team Monarch to the military school and the lowest level of education available in such schools like this was senior high school.

The youngest out of seven members in Team Monarch was Yun Jian. In comparison, Chu Ning and others were already in senior high school while Chu Xiangnan, Liu Shiyun, and a few more were in college. In this case, they would be transferring schools to the military school directly.

When school reopened after Lunar New Year, Yun Jian would be in the last semester of ninth grade. Once she was done with this semester, she could go straight and study in the military school for her senior high school years.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded. There was no issue in studying in the military school. Furthermore, she had no reason to refuse it when she could improve her abilities further there.

Due to her age and the lack of lower grade education available, however, there was no hurry for Yun Jian.

Although Ge Junjian now knew about her identity, he was truly impartial. It was not like he would exempt Yun Jian from going to the military school just because she was highly capable. The fact that she was too young, however, could not be helped.

Chu Ning and others were ecstatic right after Ge Junjian’s announcement. Once the teaching period resumed, they would be transferring and studying in the same school—a military school, too.

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"Awesome! We Team Monarch will be studying in the same school! Yun Jian can’t go yet but that’s fine. You’ll join us in half a year!" Chu Ning clapped in excitement. She was elated.

"Yeah, Team Monarch gets to reunite in the military school half a year later. Heh heh, we’re invincible!" Chu Xiangnan chorused with Chu Ning.

Yun Jian merely pressed her lips into a smile. Everyone’s heart in Team Monarch was connected now—they were united. There was no way Yun Jian did not want to see a delight like this happen. Everyone wanted to see the best life had to offer.

"Oh yeah, Officer Ge, what’s the name of the military school we’re enrolling in?" Chu Ning and Chu Xiangnan got carried away with the thrill before they remembered to ask looking at Ge Junjian.

"You bunch will know when you’re there." Ge Junjian kept the suspense.

"Officer Ge, is the school in Longmen City?" Liu Shiyu asked seriously.

"No, but it’s still in Zhe Province. It’s in Min City, about two to three hours’ drive from Longmen City," the man answered.

"Ooh..." The team’s excitement had only grown when they heard that it was far.

Youngsters like them yearned to go far because once they were far away from home, they were out of their parents’ supervision and could do anything they wished. Yet, far as they would go, they would also miss home and their parents by then.

Ge Junjian sent them home after informing them of the news. Yun Jian was the last to be sent home because the man was going to be unabashed in staying at her place again.

Driving his jeep, Ge Junjian took Yun Jian back to Xinjiang Town. From a distance away, Yun Jian could see Lan Su playing hide-and-seek with little Yun Zhu with a piece of white cloth covering her eyes and could not help chuckling at the sight.

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