The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 589 - Xiao Zhu’s Tattle. Open The Door

Chapter 589 - Xiao Zhu’s Tattle. Open The Door

Her chuckle was filled with happiness.

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Ge Junjian parked the jeep he drove at the door.

Yun Zhu, who was still playing hide-and-seek with Lan Su, spotted the familiar vehicle with his beady eyes and ran over gleefully, "Lan Su-jiejie, come on, my sister is back! Uncle Ge is back too!"

As he cheered, his little legs had carried him to Yun Jian and Ge Junjian speedily.

"Jiejie, Uncle Ge, where’s Si Yi-gege?" Little Yun Zhu clung to Yun Jian’s hand and shouted as he pranced around.

"Si Yi-gege isn’t here yet," answered Yun Jian.

During then, two people came out of the house. It was Qin Yirou, who held a bunch of things in her hands, and Yun Yi who trailed after her.

"Xiao Jian, you’re back? Officer Ge, you’re here too? Hmm... I was planning to go back to Longmen City..." Qin Yirou quickly put down whatever she was holding and swiped her dirty hands on her pants looking at Ge Junjian. She then went to them to greet them, "Ge Junjian, do you want to have a seat inside?"

Qin Yirou had planned to catch the last bus in the afternoon to return to Longmen City. She had stayed for far too long in Zhang Meihua’s house—which was actually her brother, Qin Laiqian’s house. Her elder brother was the family man now and Qin Yirou had overstayed her welcome, so she wanted to go back to Longmen City.

"No need," Ge Junjian replied and walked over to help Qin Yirou with her belongings before changing his plan as well. "I was going back to Longmen City too. I can send all of you back on the way."

"Tha-that’ll be troubling you." Qin Yirou was still polite to him. The man was not family—there was no reason for him to help her.

"It’s no trouble. Come on!" As Ge Junjian spoke, he moved Qin Yirou’s things to his jeep.

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Not refusing his kind intention, Qin Yirou nodded with a smile and her impression of the man grew better.

Zhang Meihua did not seem to be home during this hour, so Ge Junjian hauled Qin Yirou, Yun Yi, Yun Zhu, Lan Su, and Yun Jian back to Longmen City. Lan Su left after arriving at their destination since her task had only been to keep Qin Yirou and the others safe.

Ge Junjian took it upon himself personally to move Qin Yirou’s luggage to Dong Ruan’s mansion. The latter had left the province, only becoming free recently, and had gone to pay new year’s calls to her relatives outside of the province.

As it was still Lunar New Year, Yun Jian planned to visit Qing You at her house with Yun Yi the next morning. They had wanted to pay the new year call on the 12th day of Lunar New Year but due to what happened previously, it got postponed.

Returning to Dong Ruan’s house in Longmen City from Xinjiang Town and sleeping on the large bed that she had been using for a long time, Yun Jian felt peaceful surrounded by the familiar scent of her bed.

Si Yi’s room was next to hers but the young man was not there right now. It was odd. Why was she thinking about him again? Shaking her head, Yun Jian snipped the thought off her mind.

It was then that the door to her room was suddenly opened from the outside and the person snuck to her bed in a flash after locking it. Yun Jian had locked her door earlier, so she raised her brow and was about to make her move when a familiar fresh fragrance greeted her.

Even when it was dark, she could feel him clearly.

"Why are you back?" Yun Jian was surprised. He said that he would only be back the next day.

"Because I missed you." Si Yi hugged Yun Jian tight.

Raps were then heard on the door, little Yun Zhu’s tattle, too. "Mama Qin, Xiao Zhu went pee-pee just now and saw a thief running to jiejie’s room. He went swoosh into it. Will something happen to jiejie?"

Qin Yirou’s knocks on the door grew clearer as her voice got loud. "Xiao Jian, are you awake? Mom’s worried. Open the door!"

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