The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 590 - A Veteran In Acting Shamelessly

Chapter 590 - A Veteran In Acting Shamelessly

The sudden noises at the door made Yun Jian’s eyes twitch. Si Yi was still hugging her close under the blanket while his refreshing scent was all she could breathe in and it kept her content.

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"Xiao Jian?" Qin Yirou twisted the doorknob, panicking when she noted that the door was locked from the inside, especially so when little Yun Zhu told her that he saw a black shadow running into her room when he went to the toilet just now.

Children were innocent and naïve, incapable of lying, so Qin Yirou was truly getting worried.

Dong Ruan’s mansion was not located in the busy city center. There could really be a thief here. Her daughter was still a young and pure girl—Qin Yirou knew that she was skilled and competent since she was now training with Ge Junjian in the military, but mothers would always fret over their children. Qin Yirou was no exception.

"Xiao Zhu, go back to sleep first. Mama Qin will go find the key and open the door." Thinking that something had actually happened when she was unable to wake Yun Jian up after calling to her for a while, Qin Yirou quickly carried Yun Zhu back to the room and went to rummage for the mansion’s keys in Dong Ruan’s room.

Back in Yun Jian’s bedroom, she flushed when she heard Qin Yirou’s hasty footsteps that were fading. She had gone to fetch the key, which meant that the door would open in a while even if Yun Jian stayed quiet in her bed.

"Get up right now!" Yun Jian sat up and shoved Si Yi but the latter refused to let go of his arms circling her like they were forged with steel.

"Nope." With his chin against Yun Jian’s head, he uttered slowly.

Si Yi had rushed back through the night. Making a quick trip back to An Hun Group, he made Ya Dang fly him back to Longmen City with the helicopter in the middle of the night. Flying helicopters required a permit in the country but Ya Dang and Mo Sen had, of course, taken care of that ages ago.

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Once Si Yi arrived in Longmen City, he headed home straight for Yun Jian.

The An Hun Group had its intelligence in Longmen City. A quick search would tell Si Yi that Yun Jian had come back to Longmen City from Xinjiang Town with Qin Yirou and the others.

"Leave quickly. We won’t be able to clear our names if my mom sees us!" Si Yi stayed clinging to Yun Jian even when she sat up. The girl gave him a push but he stayed stubborn in his spot.

"Isn’t that just nice?" Si Yi arched a brow, looking positively devilish under the moonlight. To Yun Jian, however, he just looked extremely in need of a beating.

"You’re not moving? This is the end of our relationship, then." Yun Jian threatened softly, obviously not meaning what she said.

"The end? Xiao Jian, you’re mine for life. Are you still thinking about leaving me?" Si Yi hooked his arm and pinned Yun Jian on the bed before getting on top of her.

Qin Yirou’s brisk steps were heard again from the door, having found the key to Yun Jian’s room evidently. Yet, Si Yi had pushed Yun Jian to the bed, hovering above her at the moment.

Yun Jian’s eyes were wide as she lifted a leg to kick the young man but Si Yi managed to pin it down with his t.h.i.g.h.

"Xiao Jian, I’ll make you completely mine right now if you make another move," Si Yi said softly, his breathing labored.

Both Si Yi and Yun Jian were light on their movements, so Qin Yirou who was outside could not hear them. She had already pushed the key into the knob anxiously. With a creaking click, the door was opened.

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