The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 591 - We Continue With What We Were Doing Just Now

Chapter 591 - We Continue With What We Were Doing Just Now

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When Qin Yirou entered the room, she felt a hint of anomaly. Her brows narrowed suspiciously but the room was pitch-black. Although the light from the hallway spilled into the space, it remained a dim glow.

"Xiao Jian?" Qin Yirou followed the wall to switch the light on with a frown. The pure white fluorescent lighting illuminated the entire room at once. When Qin Yirou went to Yun Jian’s bed, she saw the latter sleeping soundly without anything that seemed out of place.

This was impossible... Could little Yun Zhu be seeing things instead?

Qin Yirou did not wake her daughter up, knowing that she was far in her dreamland listening to her deep and calm breathing.

Since Yun Jian was soundly asleep, Qin Yirou moved away softly. Despite that, she had still checked the closet and nooks of the room, worried that there was really a thief.

"Looks like I was thinking too much. Xiao Zhu gets mistaken sometimes—he’s just a kid, after all," Qin Yirou muttered to herself in a b.a.r.e whisper. As she spoke, she went for the door and was about to turn the light off when she turned to check again, realizing abruptly that the window next to Yun Jian’s bed was open. The curtain was swaying from the slight chilly winter breeze but it was not a big movement.

"This girl! She forgot to close her window when she went to sleep..." Qin Yirou shook her head gently, fond and helpless, as she stalked toward the window, forgoing her plan to turn off the light.

What Qin Yirou did not know was that a pair of fair, prominently-jointed hands were clinging to the wall outside of the window. If there were someone outside of the mansion and it was broad daylight right now, they would see Si Yi with his glorious 185cm height hanging off the wall with one arm easily.

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If there were really someone, they would be shrieking now. If they were Ya Dang and Mo Sen, the two of them would probably be exclaiming about how their young master was acting so shamelessly for a woman!

Qin Yirou could not shake away the oddity in the air. Leaning out of the window, she looked down before she closed the window in relief when there was no one. Then, she turned off the light in Yun Jian’s room and closed the door locking it.

She locked it this time because she was worried that if there were really a thief, the thief could just open the door from the outside and enter her Xiao Jian’s bedroom. She had no idea that her action had, instead, encouraged the ’thief’s burglary’.

Yun Jian woke up from her pretense of a deep slumber after Qin Yirou shut the door with a click. She was aware that her mother had gone to close the window while Si Yi was hiding outside of it.

Mulling over it, she found her slippers whilst getting off the bed to go to the window. Just as she wanted to open it, she suddenly recalled how Si Yi refused to leave and hugged her tight earlier, only hopping out the window when she thought that Qin Yirou was going to discover them.

Yun Jian decided not to let Si Yi come in upon consideration, but figuring that he would catch a cold outside, she could not help calling out in worry, "Go back to your room. See you tomorrow."

With that, Yun Jian snuggled back to her bed with the silver moonlight in the dark.

She had just gotten into her bed when a gust of cold wind blew behind her through the window. A tall, well-built shadow wrapped his arms around her instantly as his familiar teasing voice sounded behind Yun Jian. "Xiao Jian, did you think I won’t be able to come in after you locked the window?"

As he spoke, he pushed Yun Jian to the bed again. "We’ll continue with what we were doing earlier since you’re being defiant."

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