The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 592 - These Are All For Xiao Zhu

Chapter 592 - These Are All For Xiao Zhu

A mere locked window proved to be less than a challenge to Si Yi.

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Wrapped suddenly in his arms and pinned on the bed, Yun Jian blushed in a blink of eyes.

"Were we doing anything just then? Get up, I’m going to sleep." Yun Jian pretended like she did not understand a thing but the flush on her face gave her away. She was fl.u.s.tered like a child who was caught red-handed.

Yun Jian gave Si Yi a shove. The latter did not make it difficult for her this time. Swallowing his primal urge, his hand covered Yun Jian’s smaller ones as he turned to face her sideways, keeping his eyes on her.

"Okay, sleep." Si Yi’s gentle voice felt like the summer breeze, enthralling, and intoxicating.

It actually made Yun Jian close her eyes. Perhaps uprooting the Inferno Ring cost her sleep recently, maybe it was the multitude of things happening, Yun Jian fell into a deep sleep under Si Yi’s stare.

As she went into a deeper slumber, she thought that she felt Si Yi’s assuring embrace. It was warm and relaxing, like one was enveloped in a breath of fresh air both physically and mentally.

"Xiao Jian..." Yun Jian also thought that she heard him call her endearingly through the fog of her sleep.

Si Yi did not sleep after Yun Jian had. Making sure that the girl was soundly asleep, his long, prominently-jointed fingers touched Yun Jian’s forehead softly and glided down from there to her neck and collarbone. Then, his hand went up from the left and held Yun Jian’s face before his sturdy form hovered over her and caught Yun Jian’s lips with his own, leaving a soft peck on them.

"I really want to pull you into my body so you won’t ever leave me in this lifetime," Si Yi murmured softly, carding his fingers through Yun Jian’s hair with a loving gaze.

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The next morning, Yun Jian woke up at 7:30am. Waking up, she rubbed her forehead before she got out of bed. Si Yi was no longer beside her but his faint fresh scent lingered on the bed; it smelled nice. Every time he slept beside her, Yun Jian would always sleep in.

Yun Jian rustled about before she stood up. She had only gone to open the door after she smoothed her clothes out.

Usually, the latest Yun Jian would wake up was 6am. More often than not, she woke up around 4am and went out for a run around 5am, so she would come back around 6am. 7:30am was considered a lot later to Yun Jian.

When she came downstairs, she saw Yun Yi with a towel around his shoulders, obviously having come back from working out. It was winter but he only had a thin t-shirt, baring his strong arms.

Since Yun Yi trained with Yun Jian alongside Zhang Shaofeng, he had since never stopped.

"Xiao Jian, let me know when you’re leaving later," Yun Yi said and headed upstairs as he wiped his sweat.

"Mn," Yun Jian hummed her agreement.

What Yun Yi meant was their visit to Qing You’s house for the new year call.

Little Yun Zhu’s voice suddenly came from the door. "Si Yi-gege, there are so many lollipops and snacks. Are all of these for Xiao Zhu?"

Just as his words were heard, Si Yi was seen coming into the house holding Yun Zhu’s hand.

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