The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 593 - Sending Snacks And Getting A Free Meal

Chapter 593 - Sending Snacks And Getting A Free Meal

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There were several others who trailed after them when Si Yi and Yun Zhu came in. It was apparent that they were labor workers as they moved box after box of packaged snacks into the house from the outside.

The last person who entered was a familiar face to Yun Jian. It was the shopkeeper from Xinjiang Town’s sundry shop.

Yun Jian recalled the scene where Si Yi had instantaneously bought everything in the shop right before everyone during Lunar New Year’s day. He had cleared everything in the shop off the rack. Back then, he passed a bank card to the shopkeeper and asked him to send all the goods to their house and return the card when he did.

Obviously, today was the day the shopkeeper kept his word and had a van send everything in his shop here. All snacks, daily essentials, and some other miscellaneous items in the shop were all excluded.

When the shopkeeper came in, he checked and tallied the goods before returning the bank card to Si Yi under Yun Zhu’s anticipating gaze. "I’ve swiped the amount for this merchandise. I didn’t charge you ten times. Retail price is good for me. I, Old Wang, have been an honest man all my life! I don’t want your extra money. I thought you guys won’t have a use for some other things in my shop, so I didn’t pack them up and send them here. These snacks should last you some time," the shopkeeper explained.

Back when he heard Si Yi asking to purchase everything in his shop with a price ten times higher than its original price, he was baffled. Nonetheless, he had never been one to take advantage, so he did not charge Si Yi extra.

"Mn." Si Yi quite admired the owner’s integrity and did not tease him for it. Instead, he kept the bank card away.

The shopkeeper left with a goodbye after sending the pile of snacks here, taking with him the workers as well. Once he left, little Yun Zhu shrieked in ecstasy, "Whoo! Yay, yay, yay! There are so many lollipops and so many ch.i.p.s! Si Yi-gege is the best!"

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Yun Zhu swung Si Yi’s hand as he spoke before darting to said snacks.

"You can’t have too many of these, they aren’t nutritious. Xiao Zhu, you can only have three items a day. You can’t skip your meals because you have snacks," Yun Jian could not help reminding.

"Okay." Yun Zhu clutched three bags of ch.i.p.s to himself and nodded fervently. He still listened well.

"Time for breakfast. Wash your hands, breakfast’s ready." Qin Yirou stepped out from the kitchen wiping her hands. Just as she came out, however, she was shocked by the boxes of snacks.

"Whoa! Who bought so many snacks?" Qin Yirou was bewildered.

"Mama Qin, Si Yi-gege bought them for me." Yun Zhu had already torn a bag of ch.i.p.s open and was noisily munching on them.

"A Yi, you spent too much. Xiao Zhu won’t be able to finish all these snacks!" Qin Yirou chuckled awkwardly.

Qin Yirou did not know about Si Yi buying out the entire sundry shop nor was she aware of Si Yi and Yun Jian’s relationship, thus explaining her awkwardness. After all, Yun Zhu was her family. How could she let Si Yi spend so much on him for nothing?

Then, a loud guffaw came from the door before Ge Junjian’s voice followed. "You’re all here? Don’t mind me coming for a free breakfast?"

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