The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 596 - Very Bold Of You. How’s This Possible?

Chapter 596 - Very Bold Of You. How’s This Possible?

Ge Junjian had parted ways with his ex-wife and Qin Yirou had split from Yun Gang. There was certainly no way she would get back together with Yun Gang. Now that there was a fine chance right in front of her, she must not miss it.

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Qin Yirou had gone through half of her lifetime. She knew who meant well and who did not. To Yun Gang and his family, she might just be a tool to make money, but to Ge Junjian who was high in status, he was unable to reap any benefit from her.

It was evident that the man meant what he said. Qin Yirou also thought that she was not someone to grovel to influence and power. Ge Junjian’s rank and status were not of her concern. She genuinely felt that she was able to connect with him.

Now that her children, Xiao Jian, and Xiao Yi, have grown up, they will leave her side sooner or later. Qin Yirou thought that she ought to find someone she could bond well with like Ge Junjian if she were to find another partner—she was not going to marry into unhappiness again.

When Ge Junjian first brought it up, Qin Yirou totally wanted to agree to it straightaway. She had feelings for the man, after all. However, she was worried about her children opposing it when she had said yes, so she thought she would ask them after they came back.

Yun Jian, Yun Yi, Si Yi, and little Yun Zhu had already left the house.


At the same time at the military training base in F Province...

Chief Yuan, who was Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun’s superior, was also an F Province higher-up. His rank was similar to Ge Junjian’s superior in Zhe Province.

Right now, Chief Yuan had gathered Ai Guoxun and other team leaders of Advanced Special Forces to his office.

"Chief Yuan, is there any secret mission that requires you to assemble us in such a hurry?" A tall and muscly man asked the superior.

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Chief Yuan had the highest position in this office currently.

Ai Guoxun who received the notice and rushed here was rather unsettled.

Chief Yuan stood at the platform, scanning the room with his eyes, before speaking up seriously, "I heard that F Province’s troop was invited in the operation to take down the Inferno Ring. Why weren’t we a part of it in the end? Who made the decision without consulting me?"

The officers sitting below looked at each other left and right while Ai Guoxun stepped up to say, "Me, it’s me."

He was the one who rejected Yun Jian’s invitation to work with An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries.

Today, that fool Ge Junjian had most probably led the troops to work with unreliable organizations like An Hun and Gu Sha, and they must have been defeated.

No way in the world was Ai Guoxun convinced that the troops Ge Junjian led could actually extirpate the Inferno Ring!

"Inferno Ring is destroyed! There are three forces that wiped it out. An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries are incredibly capable and no one had anything to comment on."

"But the remaining force is someone I’d never imagined. There were ten ASF teams led by Zhe Province’s Ge Junjian! It’s not just within Country Z, Zhe Province’s military is now world famous! I heard that our troops were invited too but you refused to join? Ai Guoxun, oh Ai Guoxun, how bold of you not to inform me of something so important and make your own decision!"

Chief Yuan censured Ai Guoxun heavily. In return, Ai Guoxun’s expression morphed into shock and disbelief.

"Wha-what? Inferno Ring’s destroyed? No, how’s this possible?"

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