The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 597 - Reflect At Home. To Qing You’s House

Chapter 597 - Reflect At Home. To Qing You’s House

"Why is it not possible!" Chief Yuan bellowed as he grabbed the newspaper in front of him and threw it to Ai Guoxun’s face with a loud clap.

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"Take a good look yourself! Read carefully! Inferno Ring’s annihilated and it’s made big rounds internationally! Who else doesn’t know!" Chief Yuan raised his voice.

The reputation of Ge Junjian’s troop was soaring, even the globally renowned military was extending offers to the ten Advanced Special Forces teams. Even if those ten teams under Ge Junjian were not the best, the fact was they were a part of eliminating Inferno Ring! Their future was bright and promised with an achievement like this.

Chief Yuan was resentful towards this news—Ai Guoxun had turned down Yun Jian’s invitation on his own accord. If Officer Bao had not reported something so important to him, he might not have found out about this at all.

Ai Guoxun picked up the newspaper swiftly and raked through it. His attention was ultimately captured by the big red words on the headline—"Breaking! Globally Infamous Assassin Organization, Inferno Ring, Destructed By Three Forces!"

The string of chunky bright red text at the top of the newspaper gave Ai Guoxun’s heart a stutter.

Repressing the shock, Ai Guoxun kept reading after the headline. The military officers in the room could see Ai Guoxun’s face visibly turn from rosy-red to pale.

"Ho-how’s this possible? Inferno Ring was actually destroyed?!" Ai Guoxun’s hands that were grabbing the newspaper shook. His tone was disbelieving as he spoke of the most horrifying matter.

After all, the idea of taking out the Inferno Ring came from Yun Jian’s sole words! Yun Jian was only a member of the Advanced Special Forces!

"Ai Guoxun, go home and reflect on this! Humph!" Chief Yuan was disdainful about Ai Guoxun no matter how he looked at him. He sneered and turned to leave the place with loud stomps.

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The military officers avoided Ai Guoxun like a plague when they saw how Chief Yuan lambasted him.

Given the man’s reaction, it went without saying how the seven members of Battling Dragons would react when they caught the news. Yun Jian was similar in age to them but the reality was that her capability triumphed over all of theirs combined!


On the other hand, Yun Jian who left home holding Yun Zhu’s small hand came to New Cruise with her brother, Yun Yi, and Si Yi.

She did not plan to take a bus but to drive to Qing You’s house. If she was caught driving by the traffic police at her age without a driving license, however, it would be bothersome.

Yun Jian sat out from driving instead, leaving the task to Si Yi.

Yet, Si Yi’s Lamborghini could only take two people. It was not actually the case. His sports car had backseats but it was cramped and there were no backdoors. To get to the backseats, there was only one way—hopping to the back by stepping on the seats in the front.

Yun Jian and Yun Zhu were smaller in size, so Yun Jian had carried Yun Zhu there first before she hopped to the back easily. The backseats were narrower but it sufficed for both of them.

"Jiejie, are we driving to Qing You-jiejie’s house?" Little Yun Zhu asked Yun Jian with a tilt of his head.

"That’s right. You can have a nap, Xiao Zhu, because Qing You-jiejie’s house is very far," Yun Jian replied with a smile.

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