The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 598 - Arriving At Qing You’s House. A Free Slave

Chapter 598 - Arriving At Qing You’s House. A Free Slave

"Oh." Yun Zhu’s swaying head made a nod.

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After Si Yi and Yun Yi got into the driver and passenger seat respectively, the former ignited the engine and sped away like a flash of lightning.

Yun Yi felt a little meek at the moment. He could not help feeling nervous as he was going to pay a new year call at Qing You’s house and meet her elders. Yun Jian, on the other hand, anticipated it. She had never been to Qing You’s house although she knew the address.

Qing You’s house was in Xin City of Pu province. It was not exactly in Xin City either but a countryside by the mountain named Luo Village. It was an impoverished and deserted place but that was where her house was.

In her previous life, Yun Jian only knew that Qing You came from a rural area. She had never visited her during Lunar New Year.

It was said that Qing You was abducted by human traffickers from the village. She had not been very young back then, already at an age where she could remember things. She caught Snake.Lizard’s attention after that and was taught about poisons. Ultimately, Yun Jian took her in to work by her side due to her extraordinary talent.

When Qing You established herself, it was not difficult to find her way back home since she could remember her childhood.

Before they came, Yun Jian picked out a few things that could be used as gifts from the load of snacks that the shopkeeper in Xinjiang Town sent and took them with her. They were not valuable, Qing You could buy a haul of them with the money she had if she wanted to. However, Yun Jian knew that it was a Lunar New Year custom for people in Country Z; the gifts did not have to be expensive, as long as it was sincere. Hence, Yun Jian did not plan to buy extravagant items.

Their car went up the highway from Longmen City and it took them seven to eight hours’ drive to arrive in Xin City. The journey was far. It took some more time to travel to Luo Village from Xin City.

Yun Jian shook Yun Zhu who was sleeping awake when they arrived at the entrance of Luo Village.

"Are we here, jiejie?" Little Yun Zhu rubbed his bleary eyes and asked.

"Mn," Yun Jian hummed in reply with a nod.

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As she did not know the precise way to Qing You’s house, Yun Jian had asked for her unit number in advance. Si Yi parked his Lamborghini at the village entrance directly.

Luo Village was not well off. Its roads were not even paved properly to date. There was no concrete road in sight. All there was were uneven gravel paths that could not accommodate driving.

"I don’t know where her house is. Let’s go over the house numbers," Yun Jian said, picking up a box of instant noodles.

Gifts for new year calls during this era were none other than the variety of a box of drinks or a box of instant noodles. Rich households would give pecans and even richer ones gave torreya seeds.

Just as Yun Jian picked up the box of instant noodles with her petite form, a pair of fair chiseled hands stopped her and took the item from her embrace with one arm.

"I’ll do it." Si Yi’s smooth voice rang. With one arm carrying the instant noodles and one arm holding Yun Zhu who had just woken up, he made his way into Luo Village swiftly.

Yun Jian smiled, quickly trailing after them when she saw her brother, Yun Yi, making his way there with a box of Wangzai milk as well.

She did not know where in particular Qing You’s house was but had managed to find the location after asking a few passersby.

It was already 5pm now. The sun was setting as dusk gradually loomed closer.

When they came to Qing You’s house, she was squatting in front of a squalid house sitting on a stool at the door and washing clothes with her b.a.r.e hands.

What an enjoyment... She was so rich but here she was laboring away. Yun Jian narrowed her eyes and was about to lead Yun Yi and Si Yi over as she stood in between both taller young men when a group of teenagers came out of Qing You’s house.

There was a young girl among them who looked almost similar to Qing You. She told her companions with a point of a finger, "Heh heh, look. This is the younger sister I found not too long ago. She’s back home for labor, a free slave, haha!"

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