The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 6 - I Won’t Be Going Back For The Meantime

Chapter 6 - I Won’t Be Going Back For The Meantime

"I didn’t forget. It’s mom’s birthday today." Yun Jian lied looking at Yun Yi who was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

"Yup, yup. Don’t I know you better? Let’s go! We’ll drop by the gift shop later and pick a present for mom!" Yun Yi announced with a pat at Yun Jian’s shoulder.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

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The three of them went on their merry way to the town’s gift shop.

Lu Feiyan bidding them goodbye before they reached the shop as she had to go home early.

Her family was stricter as her parents were both retired teachers and conceived her in their autumn years. They were very loving and had even set a house rule for Lu Feiyan to head home immediately after school; she must return home to inform them and receive their permission even if she wanted to play outside.

When she heard that Yun Jian and Yun Yi were going to pick out their mother’s present, she could only apologetically leave first.

Yun Jian did not hold on to Lu Feiyan, resuming their way toward the gift shop with Yun Yi after the girl left.

"Brother, is there a telephone in town?" Yun Jian asked Yun Yi not too long after it remained just the two of them.

She had just been reborn to this body and was immensely content with her current life but she could not let out and just ignore everything in her previous life.

Yun Jian was the ace secret agent ranked top in the list of the international charts and the boss of the Gu Sha Mercenaries.

She could give up on the identity of a secret agent. After all, it was an identity that shackled her freedom. However, she could not leave Gu Sha Mercenaries stranded.

The Gu Sha Mercenaries was an internationally renowned assassin organization. Its assassins could be contracted for tasks, as long as the commissioner could offer a favorable price, regardless of their nation. Since the Gu Sha Mercenaries was established, there was yet to be a mission that it could not complete as long as the commissioner could afford it.

Such a mercenary organization was what Yun Jian reigned. She was the boss, the leader of it!

The Gu Sha Mercenaries was a significant influence that she had gained after killing its previous boss.

To revenge her younger brother’s death, Yun Jian must not dispose such a powerful entity.

"A small shop nearby has one. Why? Do you want to make a call?" Yun Yi asked after taking a suspicious glance at Yun Jian.

He had taken care of his younger sister since her birth. It was until he went to high school and could only go home once every few months that he slightly lacked behind.

Nonetheless, it had only been days since the semester started. Who was his younger sister going to call? Why did he, her big brother, know nothing about it?

"Mm. I want to make a phone call. Can I, brother?" asked Yun Jian.

Yun Yi had always coddled his younger sister. There was no way he would reject her. "Okay."

He had some allowance saved from his meals. Although telephone calls were expensive, he was willing to spend for his baby sister.

Mobile phones had yet to trend in 1998’s Country Z. Other than the rich, entrepreneurs, or big bosses who had communication devices like chunky cellular phones or pagers, ordinary families like the original owner of Yun Jian’s body who were not very well off, could not afford to even install a telephone.

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Yun Jian and Yun Ji came to a small shop. The shopkeeper was a middle-aged man who was in his forties. He held a fan, fanning himself seated on a chair, as he watched the siblings enter his shop.

"What can I help you with?" The shopkeeper asked casually.

"Mister, we would like to make a phone call," Yun Yi replied.

The shopkeeper adjusted the timer on the telephone and passed the receiver to Yun Yi. The latter passed it to Yun Jian, allowing her to dial.

Yun Jian pressed a few digits on the receiver and waited for the call to connect.

Yun Yi watched his baby sister all this while, wondering who she was calling.

Tut, tut, tut...

Three rings later, the call connected.

A smooth male voice came from the other end of the call speaking fluent English, "Hello?"

This person was Yun Jian’s underling with the moniker: Tiger.Leopard. He was one of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ commanders, ranked eighth on the chart of international assassins. He was like his moniker suggests, having the savagery of a tiger and the speed of a leopard.

Yun Jian stole a peek at Yun Yi before she spoke to Tiger.Leopard in eloquent English without hesitation, "I’m Slaying. I won’t be going back for the meantime. The organization matters will be handed over to you."

Slaying, known short for the Slaying God.

Yun Jian did not even wait for a reply when she hung up.

She had never waited for replies in her phone calls – because the other party would show absolute obedience to her of orders.

When Yun Yi heard Yun Jian’s articulate English, his eyes went wide staring at her.

His English scored well alongside his excellent results, earning him a place in the best high school of the city, but his baby sister’s result had always been lacking, especially in English.

Yet Yun Jian’s coherent English just now could probably triumph their English teacher who was a university graduate!

Since when did his baby sister become so outstanding?

Who was the person on the line, by the way? Why did Xiao Jian hang up after she spoke? It looked as if she was talking to a subordinate.

The shopkeeper was still fanning himself paused when he saw what Yun Jian did.

To be honest, he had been a shopkeeper for years but this was his first time seeing a crisp and young girl speaking a foreign language effortlessly in a phone call and hanging up directly without a reply.

What sort of a phone call was this?

Thus, the shopkeeper was dumbstruck as well.

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