The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 60 - It Was Intentional. Okay, Ill Dance

Chapter 60 - It Was Intentional. Okay, I\'ll Dance

The event was supposed to be a small-scale class activity. Reasonably, it was not formal like a new year concert. The students had gone on stage to sing or dance with the sole intention of having fun, really "the more the merrier".

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That was why Wang Rourou had long written Yun Jian’s name on the performer’s name list. Even if Yun Jian said that she did not sign up for it now, the classmates would then think that she was being a wet blanket.

With this premise considered, and Wang Rourou’s certainty that Yun Jian came from a farming background. Requesting her to dance was simply impossible. She probably had never seen what an actual dance looks like.

It was obvious that she wanted to embarrass Yun Jian.

As expected, the entire class clapped exceptionally loud after Wang Rourou’s announcement.

The students would never refuse any sort of drama. Most of them were not stupid. They could actually discern that Wang Rourou was putting Yun Jian in a tough spot.

It was just that, free shows were hard to refuse. Therefore, they cheered Yun Jian on to dance.

"Wang Rourou, what are you trying to do? Xiao Jian didn’t even sign up. Why are you asking her to dance on the stage? You’re being intentionally deceitful!" There was only Lu Feiyan who stood up against Wang Rourou among the audience; she was upset, her gaze daggered at Wang Rourou when she spoke out for Yun Jian.

She had been on Xiao Jian’s side all this while. How could she not know if Yun Jian had volunteered for a performance, especially a dance?

Lu Feiyan had asked Yun Jian to sing with her but the latter did not accept the invitation.

It was apparent that Wang Rourou was avenging her personal agenda and purposely added Yun Jian to the list, asking her to dance!

The majority of the people knew how to sing. Worse comes to worst, one could sing the national anthem. Most of them, however, did not know how to dance.

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It was an undisguised bully! Lu Feiyan was the first to jump.

"What do you mean what am I trying to do? I’m announcing the name according to the name list! Would I have added Yun Jian’s name on my own? I don’t dabble in cheap tricks like you guys!" Wang Rourou denied despite succeeding in her little scheme.

She suddenly made an exaggerated expression of surprise, as if she had discovered a new continent, and asked rhetorically in a raised voice looking at Yun Jian, "Oh gosh, do you not know how to dance, Yun Jian? Then why did you sign up for dancing? Since you’ve done so, you got to come up on stage and perform. Why don’t you come up and do some twirls? Our event today is only to liven things up anyway, it’s okay..."

If one did not know better, Wang Rourou might seem nice and caring to her peers.

Yun Jian was amused.

"You really want me to dance?" Yun Jian spoke airily looking at Wang Rourou before Lu Feiyan could stop her, as she stood up lazily from her seat.

"Yeah, what else? But it’s okay if you don’t know how to dance, Yun Jian. Just do it for fun and for everyone’s enjoyment. We’re all classmates, there’s nothing to be shy about!" Wang Rourou tried to sound as gentle as she could, already over the moon inwardly; she could not wait to see Yun Jian embarrass herself.

"Yeah, that’s right. No biggie, go up and dance!"



More classmates began to echo Wang Rourou’s request and the latter wore a victorious grin.

Hmph, there was no way Yun Jian could go against her!

Watching the crowd, Yun Jian smirked. "Okay, I’ll dance!"

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