The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 600 - Yun Jian’s Rescue. You’re Unworthy To Hit Her

Chapter 600 - Yun Jian’s Rescue. You’re Unworthy To Hit Her

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Since Qing You was abducted, her parents had nearly burned through all their savings to find her. They struggled to make ends meet but Liu Tie and his wife had never considered giving up looking for their lost daughter.

Those who never had such an experience would never be able to empathize.

Watching a living person vanish from their world forever, knowing that she was alive but nothing they did could get her back, it felt more devastating than knowing that she was dead. It was only worse that she was taken away by human traffickers. One would never know where the kids would end up and what they would do to the kids when the human traffickers get their hands on them.

Luo Village was not new to children-trafficking. Some were simply many grab-and-go cases. Children who were abducted either had their limbs severed, eyes dug out or made crippled and thrown to busy markets with a sap story, so patrons and passersby would give them some money when they saw how pitiful the handicapped children were.

These children would grow up gradually but many of these begging old people and children in the markets could not speak, manipulated by the human traffickers.

As expected, the pity money they begged from the streets would ultimately be collected by the horrid traffickers. Nonetheless, one had to help when they saw these poor souls on the streets because a yuan or five could save these people from getting beaten up.

It was not just in 1998 or 1999, this happened frequently even during modern days.

What was different was that Qing You was kidnapped directly by the organization.. She had been lucky to stay alive and caught Snake.Lizard’s attention, surviving afterward due to her talent. However, lucky ones like Qing You were scarce.

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When Qing You’s mother heard her fellow villager said that they saw a girl who looked like Qing You kneeling by the road in Xin City, begging with blind eyes, she rushed to Xin City hastily without even informing her husband, Liu Tie.

It had been dark on a rainy night. Going to Xin City by foot, Qing You’s mother had stepped into a sewer construction site from how anxious and hurried she was. The workers there probably thought that no one was walking around at night as they did not even set up a warning sign.

Consequently, Qing You’s mother whose pace was brisk and hasty stepped onto nothing and fell straight down a sewer. When she was retrieved, she had long lost her warmth.

Her sudden death stripped her young children of a mother. Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi loathed their lost sister. Yet, Qing You came back in one piece not too long after that. How could they not be consumed in wrath and resentment?

"Get out! Out! Out! Out! We’re doing well as a family, why are you back here? Do you have no shame? Is it not enough that you killed mom? Are you trying to kill my dad too? Liu Xin, scram! You don’t even deserve the surname Liu!" Liu Ziyun was vehement as he berated Qing You.

Unlike Liu Qi, Liu Ziyun was the closest to their mother. He was resentful toward Qing You because their mother’s death was indirectly related to her.

Liu Qi was filled with hatred as well but the main reason she abhorred Qing You was because she was scared that she was back to fight for their brother and father’s love.

The more Liu Ziyun lambasted, the more vengeful he became. Flushed red in fury, his hand went up to land a slap on Qing You. The latter showed no sign of avoiding. If one looked closer, her eyes were teary.

"Who are you asking to get out? She’s with me. Do you think you’re worthy of hitting her?" Just when Liu Ziyun’s hand was touching Qing You’s pink cheeks, Yun Jian’s hand flew out to black his strike.

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