The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 601 - Disallowed to Intervene. Domineering Yun Yi

Chapter 601 - Disallowed to Intervene. Domineering Yun Yi

Liu Ziyun looked rankled when his hand that was flying to Qing You’s face got stopped by Yun Jian.

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Si Yi, Yun Yi, and Yun Zhu were making their way over now. Keeping one hand on little Yun Zhu, Si Yi placed the box of instant noodles on the ground. Yun Yi put down the box of Wangzai milk the fastest he could as well with a frown, obviously having heard Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi’s tone at Qing You.

The person he had been missing was standing right before him but people were making her cry. How could Yun Yi not feel his hackles raised at that?

Yun Yi walked over and stood in front of Qing You, putting himself right before Liu Ziyun.

"And who are you?" Liu Ziyun’s tone turned haughty when he spotted Yun Jian.

The young man looked like a local thug. There was a glimpse of a tattoo on his exposed collarbones that appeared to make up a dragon. Liu Ziyun was about 18 or 19 years old but he had dropped out of school and was in a gang in Xin City. He was able to make a bit of money going under them.

Despite Liu Ziyun’s thuggish exterior, he was not originally someone like that and had not been someone to abandon himself to vice. He had only turned into what he was now since his mother’s fatal accident.

The edge of Liu Tie’s hair had already turned white. After his youngest daughter, Liu Xin, went missing, looking for her was what took up most of his and his wife’s time. At the same time, they depended on their meager earnings to make ends meet.

His eldest son gave himself up since the mother’s death and picked up wayward traits while there was only his eldest daughter who was relatively manageable. Nonetheless, Liu Tue had not had it easy since his partner passed away.

Yet, his youngest daughter returned on her own.

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Then came the conflict. He could forgive his youngest girl and her childhood disobedience but his eldest son and daughter could not agree to it.

What could Liu Tie do? As a parent, it felt the worst for him.

"Sister Jian..." Seeing Yun Jian and Yun Yi who appeared out of the blue and stood before her in defense, Qing You was unable to hold back her tears and they fell pitter-pattering.

As an executive member of Gu Sha Mercenaries who could call out the old men of Gu Sha for his impudence, Qing You calmly stood before Yun Jian, but could not fight against the family friction.

"Don’t cry, we’re here." Yun Yi turned around and gently wiped away the tears falling off the corners of Qing You’s eyes.

"Mn!" Qing You nodded.

She was actually already immune to Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi’s harsh treatment. Qing You knew that this was the consequence of her disobedience when she was younger—she should bear it. Hence, she had never fought back when Liu Ziyun lambasted her. Her birth mother died because of her. Qing You was not someone heartless.

In spite of it, when she saw Yun Jian and Yun Yi stepping in to protect her, especially when Yun Jian said "She’s with me. Do you think you’re worthy of hitting her?", Qing You’s tears brimmed and fell.

"I don’t f*cking care who you are. This is my family affair. You outsiders are not allowed to intervene!" Liu Ziyun cackled and barked.

Si Yi stood on the side. Holding Yun Zhu who had no idea what was happening, he did not interrupt the scene; it was not appropriate for him to do it either.

"I’ll also f*cking tell you that she’s mine. Lay a finger on her and you’re messing with me! I’ll show you what you’re in for if you dare hit her!" Yun Yi wiped away Qing You’s tears and turned around to gesture for Yun Jian to stop before bellowing back at Liu Ziyun.

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