The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 602 - She Has A Man Now. A Huge Misunderstanding

Chapter 602 - She Has A Man Now. A Huge Misunderstanding

Other than his sister Yun Jian and his mother Qin Yirou, this was Yun Yi’s first time to have berated someone and even broke out cursing for a woman.

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Yun Yi had always been a model student who excelled both academically and in character. Whether it was the school in Xinjiang Town or Di Yi Senior High School thereafter, he had always been an outstanding student. He was one of the top scorers and had always been polite and sincere to people.

Yet, to protect Qing You from being bullied, he had now broken the bottom line of his character.

If Yun Yi’s best friend, Xu Haozhe, were here, he would probably cry out in surprise. After all, Yun Yi had been consistent in how he acted usually, but he had changed so abruptly for Qing You now.

"What?" Liu Ziyun’s finger that had been pointing at Qing You shrunk back immediately. He was in disbelief that Qing You had a man now. How old was she again?

"Liu Xin! You got yourself a man? Hah, how old are you now? You’re only in junior high! You actually got yourself attached to a man... I was just wondering why you’ve always left after a few days here, I see that you’ve gone to meet a man and enjoy yourself! You’re disdainful about our family, aren’t you?"

"Poor dad and mom have been missing you day and night and you? Why didn’t you come back when you could? You caused mom’s death and ruined our family! Why are you back now? Get out, we don’t accept someone like you in our family! Out!"

Liu Ziyun had completely misunderstood it. He bellowed again and was harsher to Qing You this time.

Actually, it had been a misunderstanding since the beginning. Liu Ziyun resented the fact that Qing You insisted for their mother to take her out to play only for herself to be abducted but that had been fine, it was not like it was unforgivable.

Liu Ziyun remembered clearly that when Qing You came back, she was clean and well dressed. She looked nothing like someone who had been abducted.

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Previously, he had not been as resentful toward Qing You. After all, she had been very young when she was kidnapped. Liu Ziyun was vengeful now because Qing You came back clean and groomed.

His mother had worried herself sick and spent all day in remorse and longing to look for Qing You, his youngest sister who had been abducted at a young age, only to accidentally fall into an uncovered sewer in the construction site and drown.

What about Qing You? She came back neat and tidy, nothing like she had suffered hardsh.i.p.s.

This was the last straw to spark Liu Ziyun’s full rage.

Since she had been alive and living well, not missing an arm or a leg like other abducted children, why had she not come back earlier? Why did she not come back in the first place?

If she had returned earlier, just a bit earlier, their mother would not have died. She would not have ran to Xin City to look for her just because of a fellow villager’s words and ran into the construction site and drowned in the sewer!

Liu Ziyun was filled with grudges. He held it against Qing You for ruining his family after she was abducted yet coming home safe and sound.

Humans were emotional creatures. To be honest, Liu Ziyun had never resented Qing You when their mother died. He knew that she was innocent and that her abduction could not be helped.

It was when she came back looking fresh and clean, and refused to say a word when asked where she had been all these years, that Liu Ziyun was infuriated and begrudged his youngest sister.

As Qing You was dressed well, Liu Ziyun assumed that she had it easy during the years she had been gone. Perhaps she was adopted by a rich family. All in all, he thought that she had not suffered.

Since she had been having the time of her life, why did their mother have to die for her? Why!

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