The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 603 - You’re Unworthy Of Criticizing Her. She’s One To Enjoy Life

Chapter 603 - You’re Unworthy Of Criticizing Her. She’s One To Enjoy Life

Yun Yi held Qing You’s hand lightly. The latter’s hands were shaking uncontrollably at the moment. Be it Qing You, Yun Jian, Si Yi, or Yun Yi, they understood.

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The reason Liu Ziyun resented Qing You was probably because she had enjoyed her life during these years. He was begrudging that she lived a happy and easy life while they lived in worry and fear at home, afraid that Qing You was suffering out there.

In the end, their mother died looking for Qing You. As for Qing You? The little sister who their whole family was worried sick about? She did great, she lived in comfort out there, and came back as if nothing changed.

To Liu Ziyun, however, he had lost his mother—his beloved mother!

Perhaps he had not been wrong in thinking this way. Putting oneself in his shoes, Liu Ziyun’s beloved mother had left him forever because of his sister who had been missing for years.

Perhaps this had not been irreversible but the younger sister came back out of the blue one day. When she did, she was dressed nicely and she was not answering where she had gone to these years.

What other scenario could there be other than she had been enjoying life and returning home only when she missed them?

"Stop it! Quit it! Xiao Yun, please, stop talking for me!" Liu Tie covered his face in agony.

His wife was his true love but she was now in a different world from him because of their youngest daughter. However, he had never been resentful—their youngest daughter was their flesh and blood!

How could he find peace when his son was treating his youngest daughter like this?

"Uncle, uncle, here! She’s enjoying her life out there and she wants to come home now. How wronged is my mom’s death, then!" Liu Qi came back with a throng of people.

Other than the teenagers who had been following Liu Qi earlier for the show, there was a group of a.d.u.l.ts who came back with her. Most of the a.d.u.l.ts were Liu Tie’s relatives.

The friends and family of villagers were usually villagers as well because rarely were there people who left the village. To leave the environment during this era, there was basically only one method—get admitted into college and find a secure job in the future.

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Hence, when Liu Qi went out to fetch their relatives, she had summoned all her farming relatives to her house. Villagers had always been especially united, so the group of people abandoned their shovels and farm to come here first.

"What happened? What?" A middle-aged man who stood in front stepped out boisterously.

"Uncle, she’s my youngest sister, Liu Xin, who found her way back home previously. Look at what she wears. She must have an easy life all these years. My mom died for her yet look at her, she’s been enjoying these years and now that she’s back, she wants our forgiveness." Liu Qi glared at Qing You hatefully.

Qing You parted her lips, disappointed about her relatives who were supposed to be close to her but were currently snarling at her. "I... didn’t..." In the end, that was all she could say.

"Lies. Then why can’t you tell us where you’ve been after you were abducted? What else could happen to you except living in comfort?" Liu Qi pressed whilst pointing a finger at Qing You.

Liu Ziyun was also staring at the latter in similar hatred.

Liu Tie’s anguished expression broke Qing You’s heart. These were her family!

"Shut up! None of you deserves to talk about her like this!" Yun Jian snapped, her bright voice shocking everyone there.

"We don’t deserve to talk about her like this? How so? She’s enjoyed her life! Humph!" Liu Qi spat through gritted teeth.

Yun Jian was enraged. Asking Yun Yi to move, she went in front of Qing You and pulled out her hand, showing her scarred arms when they should have been fair and pristine to everyone else. "Enjoyed her life? Hah, this is my first time hearing that someone would get themselves wounded and scarred everywhere from enjoying life!"

After showing Qing You’s arms, Yun Jian turned Qing You around to make sure she would not be exposing where she should not and pulled the clothes up to show the girl’s scarred back.

Fresh wounds and dated scars of blades and gunshots littered her back. It was a terrifying sight to look at.

Yun Jian c.a.r.e.s.sed where the heart was from Qing You’s back. Wearing a smirk, her gaze was mocking when she looked at Liu Ziyun, Liu Qi, and others. "Yeah, you guys are right. She’s been living in comfort. She enjoys people stabbing around her heart and then passing out for three days on the brink of death. She’s really one to enjoy life!"

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