The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 604 - Exposing Her Scars. You’ve Suffered

Chapter 604 - Exposing Her Scars. You’ve Suffered

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"But coming back to it, you guys won’t be able to take such enjoyment either," Yun Jian said, her deep eyes scanning everyone. She then pulled Qing You’s clothes down to cover her back again.

Yun Jian had not wanted to do anything but she was unable to just watch people misunderstand Qing You and Qing You be unable to disclose her pain despite it. She knew what Qing You was thinking.

The girl would never dare tell the truth. Could she have said that she had come back after so long because she had only just gained the ability to come home? That she had not come back all this while because she dared not to?

Qing You was considerably known around the world for her prowess and status. As someone in their field of profession, the stronger you were, the more enemies you would have. If Qing You came home before she was adequately powerful, Liu Tie, Liu Ziyun, and the rest of her family might be harmed by her enemies. Qing You had yet to have the ability to protect them back then.

"Ho-how... did this happen?" Yun Yi was shocked by the marks on Qing You. He was not scared of them but there was a pang to his heart when he saw so many scars on her.

Yun Yi and Qing You had faced each other unclothed before but Yun Yi had not dared look at her then. Moreover, most of Qing You’s scars were on her back. She had some on her arms but there were not many, so it was Yun Yi’s first time to have seen the mass of scars.

Si Yi did not even glance at Qing You’s back. In his eyes, no other woman aside from his Xiao Jian was worth being looked at. It was too much effort to even shift his gaze for a glimpse.

Liu Tie had been struggling on the brink of anguish and despair. His wife’s passing was a huge blow to him. Now that his daughter was back, he was elated but it was not like he never shared Liu Ziyun’s same emotions.

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Liu Tie was a mere human. The closest and most important person to him had passed away in looking for their daughter who had gone missing for years, only for said daughter to be back a few years later in luxury branded clothes, looking like she had never gone through any hardship. When asked where she had been, she said nothing.

Liu Tie would think about it but he was unlike his son. He tried to understand Qing You, feeling that she must have her reasons. He would never believe that his daughter would do something like enjoying comfortable life and only coming home when she missed them.

The truth proved that Qing You did have her reasons. When Yun Jian exposed the scars on Qing You, everyone was stunned.

The tightly packed marks on her back sent shudders down everyone just looking at them, especially the area around her back opposite of Qing You’s heart. The overlapping scars told of the effort it took her to fight for her life from the grasp of death.

Everyone was stupefied. What kind of person would manage to stay alive despite the repetitive fatal wounds? Qing You was so young. How determined must she have been to not opt to die straight away? How much more inhumane treatment had she gone through?

Liu Tie’s eyes were wet. His lips parted. Limping, he went toward Qing You and said only after a long time, "My—my Xiao Xin... What happened? My child, you’ve suffered..."

His tears were falling like a broken string of pearls by the time he said that.

"Dad..." Qing You did not know what had gotten into her. She was just overwhelmed with the urge to cry today.

She had been in the assassin training camp, she had been an assassin. It all happened before she met Yun Jian. She was shot and stabbed but she gritted her teeth and pushed through each time. She had never cried over it once. Yet, faced with her family after exposing all her pains, Qing You could no longer hold it in.

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