The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 605 - What Has She Done? Something Illegitimate

Chapter 605 - What Has She Done? Something Illegitimate

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Qing You hugged Liu Tie tightly. It was the return of their family bond and the crumbling of their misunderstandings. The comfort that came after despair and regret rushed to Qing You. She could feel that Liu Tie had his grouch about her but he would never hate her—because he was her father!

"My dear child, you’ve suffered!" Liu Tie cried, his tears making his hoary manner more pronounced.

Yun Jian smiled wryly. She went through the same thing. She understood Qing You’s hardship. Her body before her rebirth had been injured everywhere, more so than Qing You. Qing You had only stayed a couple of months in the assassin training camp before Snake.Lizard took her away. Even then, the handful of months had been living hell.

Yet, Yun Jian had stayed alive in the training camp depending all on herself for six to seven years! She had only made her debut as Slaying God when she was 12. Prior to that, the training she had to go through to be a killer was nothing an ordinary person could imagine.

The survival of the fittest was the best way to explain what assassin training. If you were weak, death was your only way out. The children, out of several hundred of them, who could survive over the span of six to seven years, could be counted with one hand. Yun Jian was the best out of the three children who stayed alive—the true pinnacle of ability.

It was later that she found out that she had no parents and her younger brother was her only family left. If her parents were alive, she would definitely go back to them like Qing You. Perhaps her predicament during then would be worse than Qing You.

Nonetheless, when Yun Jian found her way home in her past life, her parents had passed away and Yun Zhu was the only one remaining.

As Yun Jian’s thoughts were carried away, Yun Yi gripped his fists on the side. He vowed that he was never letting Qing You suffer another time! He was going to get stronger and protect her.

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Liu Ziyun, Liu Qi, and the teenagers Liu Qi brought along, as well as the relatives who she had called over, were frozen on the spot after seeing Qing You’s scars.

They had not said anything or made a sound because they were completely baffled.

Liu Ziyun, specifically, was stupefied. He resented Qing You, not because she was abducted when she was younger, but because she came back looking polished like she had enough of a comfortable life and was back to ask for forgiveness when their mother had died for her. Liu Ziyun knew that his thoughts had gone to the extreme because of his mother’s death.

When all the misunderstandings were lifted, however, his heart ached.

He was already at the age of remembering before Qing You was abducted. She was his youngest sister! His mother was his closest family, so was his sister!

Liu Ziyun remembered his mother telling him that his two younger sisters were his closest family aside from them, his parents. Now that he saw Qing You having been injured so seriously, he felt his heart ache for her too.

The emotions of us humans were complicated. When he saw Qing You’s back which was peppered with healed wounds, Liu Ziyun was unable to keep up his cold façade and made his way slowly toward Qing You. There was a pause before he asked, "Liu... Liu Xin, what have you done all these years? Why did you get yourself wounded everywhere?"

There was an incredibly obvious change in Liu Ziyun’s attitude. Not having met for so many years and being used to snapping at Qing You, of course, it was impossible for him to change all of that in an instant.

"I..." Qing You wiped her tears and was hesitating if she should tell the truth when Liu Qi’s voice cut in, "Ge, how could someone ordinary get hurt so badly? Humph, I think she must’ve done something illegitimate!"

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