The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 606 - Her Brothers Shift Of Attitude. How Could You Help Her?

Chapter 606 - Her Brother\'s Shift Of Attitude. How Could You Help Her?

The reality was that Liu Qi and her visibly disreputable friends shuddered as well when they saw the marks on Qing You.

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No ordinary person could push through such severe injuries, true, but what did it prove?

From Liu Qi’s point of view, her younger sister was back to fight for her brother and father’s love. Since Qing You came back, Liu Tie saved everything nice for Qing You; he pampered her to the best of his ability, afraid that she was even a little bit hurt.

The truth of Liu Tie’s indulgence to Qing You, actually, was because he felt that his daughter must have suffered a lot out there during the years she was taken away by the human traffickers and he was at fault for not looking after her well back then.

On the other hand, Liu Qi had no feelings for her sister, Qing You. When the latter was abducted, Liu Qi was only about 10 years old. She was only one year apart from Qing You.

She could remember things at the age of 10, but what Liu Qi perceived was that her parents had always been coddling her younger sister and gave everything nice and fun to her when they were kids.

To be honest, Liu Qi had grown up hating Qing You. It was because of this that she had not felt sad when she knew that Qing You was kidnapped. On the contrary, she was secretly rejoicing.

When her sister was abducted, she could receive all her parents’ love. Such was the reality. After Qing You, who was known as Liu Xin back then, was captured, their parents were anguished but they indulged Liu Qi.

Liu Tie and his late wife realized that it was their mistake that their youngest daughter was abducted, so the only reason that pushed them to keep living during that dark period of time was to take good care of their remaining daughter and son.

Liu Qi grew up under her parents’ great care.

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Although Luo Village was a farming village with an underdeveloped economy, Liu Tie had never lacked in providing for his daughter and son.

Liu Ziyun had only abandoned himself after his mother’s death, while Liu Tie gritted his teeth and blinked back his tears through these difficulties. His wife had passed on. If he wallowed in grief and abandonment, what would become of his family?

Once Qing You appeared, however, Liu Qi immediately felt that her father’s love for her was threatened. Liu Tie was attentive to her younger sister who seemed to have gone through a lot of pain out there in the world; he had even given her things to her younger sister who had gone missing for years. This made Liu Qi think that Qing You was back to take away her happiness.

"Xiao Qi, shut up! How could you make up such nonsense!" Liu Ziyun felt like his heart was slit when he saw the healed wounds on Qing You’s back. When he heard what Liu Qi said, he could not help snapping at her.

Qing You was his younger sister too, his biological baby sister. Liu Ziyun was older than Liu Qi, thus remembered more from the past, so he remembered the memories he shared with his youngest sister. There was certainly his love for her.

When he barked at Qing You earlier to ask her to leave, Liu Ziyun had not humiliated Qing You in front of everyone with insults that could easily birth misunderstandings.

What Liu Qi said just now basically implied that Qing You was unchaste. Some of the prettier girls among the children who were abducted by human traffickers were made from a young age to earn money from sleeping with customers. There were similar cases in Luo Village as well.

It was easy to discern that this was what Liu Qi was referring to when she said that Qing You was up to "illegitimate things". Anyone would interpret it as such.

When it got to Liu Ziyun, his attitude was shifting gradually after he saw Qing You’s scars despite his earlier scorn for the latter, thus he snapped at Liu Qi to ask her to shut up.

"Ge?" Liu Qi stared at her brother in disbelief before she gaped, "Ge, how could you help her? She killed our mom!"

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