The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 607 - You Don’t Want Your Eyes?

Chapter 607 - You Don’t Want Your Eyes?

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"If she hadn’t been playful back then and insisted to run out and play, would she have been abducted by the human traffickers? Would our mom die such a wronged uncalled-for death? Ge, what’s gotten into you? Why are you snapping at me for her?" Liu Qi glared at Qing You furiously before biting back at Liu Ziyun.

The scars on Qing You’s back and arms could not prove anything. The people there could not connect the dots to them being injuries sustained during assassinations or missions.

Luo Village was not exactly populated with only a couple hundred households. It was difficult for them to make a trip to Xin City, especially in the late 90s, even when public transportation was beginning to develop and there were buses connecting towns and villages.

In spite of it, one could not make it to Xin City or anywhere far from Luo Village if they had no money, could they? Residents of Luo Village made a living by farming. All their wealth came from gradually saving what they earned through reaping what they sowed in the land, and selling it. They were not ones with the most experience in life.

They probably knew what assassins and secret agents were, but the fact that Qing You was abducted to be trained into an assassin would never cross their minds on their own accord.

In comparison, what Liu Qi said sounded the closest to reality.

Qing You was pretty. She had a baby face but her features were delicate. Her tall nose and small face added flair to her charisma.

If they had to seek an explanation for the scars on Qing You, the most believable answer for what she had been doing during her disappearance would be prostitution!

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It was not like there was no predecessor of girls from the village being abducted. Furthermore, Qing You was beautiful and she was wounded everywhere. Girls who were sold to brothels would get beaten if they tried to resist—some were even violently thrashed. Customers who had fetishes that would not even treat the girls like they were humans.

Qing You matched the characteristic. She refused to disclose what she had done during the period she went missing. If she were sold into prostitution and had done the trade for years, of course, she would never tell!

Hence, most people looked at Qing You differently. A few of them were also looking at Yun Jian in disdain thinking that Yun Jian must be a fellow since she was friends with Qing You.

Ah, what a waste of their beauty... Both of them came from s.e.x trade. They must definitely have been used over and over again.

Once they thought of this, the men stared at Qing You and Yun Jian rather perversely. Some were even thinking how fantastic it would be if they could get their hands on both of these hookers!

Liu Qi was still fighting with Liu Ziyun. Si Yi, who was standing beside Yun Jian, distinctly felt the openly l.u.s.tful stares of the men on his girl. His gaze turned deep in a matter of seconds as the frown sat deep between his brows.

It was especially when he felt a few gazes checking Yun Jian out directly that he tugged Yun Jian behind him with a scowl.

After avoiding the stares, Si Yi looked up and leveled his gaze at the few men who had been ogling at Yun Jian before intimidating everyone there with his domineering aura and asking those men, "You must not want to keep your eyes anymore for leering at my girl?"

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