The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 608 - Let Me Play With Her. You Can Die

Chapter 608 - Let Me Play With Her. You Can Die

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Liu Ziyun did not mean to humiliate Qing You in front of everyone. He had never intended to do it. This was his baby sister, after all.

While he frowned at Liu Qi’s insistence, he was going to advise her to speak less but before he could say anything, the uncles Liu Qi had waved here and the old single men in the village who had followed along to watch the commotion directed l.u.s.tful gazes at Yun Jian.

These people were not staring at Qing You perversely because that was Liu Tie’s daughter. Even if they wanted to, that was still their fellow villager’s daughter.

Yun Jian was different. Everyone was sure that Qing You was sold into prostitution and Yun Jian must be her counterpart she knew there. Anyway, she was certainly a hooker who had slept with countless men.

Money came fastest to women who made a living spreading their legs. This was what the men thought and they were even more certain that Qing You and Yun Jian were in prostitution.

After all, Qing You was abducted at a young age. Even if she was adopted by some kind-hearted people, how could she possibly be dressed in branded wear and look like a child from a wealthy family when she came back?

A young girl like her could only afford luxury brands by making money through such methods.

As for Yun Jian who knew of Qing You’s injuries, she must have come from the same place. That was why Liu Qi’s uncles and the nosy old single men scanned Yun Jian lecherously.

They could not lay a finger on Qing You but that did not mean this friend of hers was off limits. Moreover, Yun Jian was so pretty and looked even more charming than Qing You. It was like an itch tickling these dirty old men’s hearts.

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Even when they had wives and children at home, their gazes were blatantly perverse when they looked at Yun Jian.

Some old geezers in Luo Village were unable to marry because they were poor. There were a lot of them in the village and were not exactly rare. These old bachelors of Luo Village shared a similarity—lazy and idle. It was because of their attitudes that they were so poor, so naturally they had no money to marry a wife.

These people had only been here to poke their nose in the drama but when they heard what was said, they actually imagined Qing You and Yun Jian to be as mentioned, thus they began to spew crude comments.

A bald and short unmarried geezer who limped spoke in a thug-like manner to Si Yi, "Kid, what got into your head? This girl is yours, huh? Haha! She’s quite the juicy one. Tsk tsk, look at her c.h.e.s.t, so full and round. They must’ve come from a lot of petting, yeah? Since she’s yours, young man, let’s make a deal. Your girl’s for sale anyway, why don’t you let me play with her? Hmm? I’ll pay you!"

The short geezer was only 1.55cm—he was shorter than Yun Jian and was really short among the men. He had been itching as he leered at Yun Jian. What he said now was basically revolting.

Even Liu Ziyun who had just gotten better with Qing You could not help frowning. Once Si Yi heard what the old single shorty said, his gaze went dark as he brimmed with a murderous air.

Was this dirty old man seeking death when Si Yi himself did not even dare to lay a finger on his girl? Great, he would make his wish come true.

Si Yi pulled out his pistol from his belt without another word. The silver gun was pointed at the short geezer. Si Yi smirked with overflowing killing intent. "You can die now."

Before everyone reacted, he fired the shot with a bang.

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