The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 609 - I’ll Do It. Worse Than Death

Chapter 609 - I’ll Do It. Worse Than Death

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It had been the Liu Family’s discord but Liu Qi’s words made the old men misunderstand. Nervous, Liu Ziyun stopped arguing with Liu Qi. He kept feeling like something was going to happen.

Qing You stood beside Liu Tie. No matter what others thought of her, she did not care as long as her father believed her. She just did not expect these nosy geezers to verbally taunt Yun Jian when her own issues had yet to be resolved.

Qing You knew that Si Yi had a strong bias toward his own people and she knew that he cared exceptionally for Yun Jian. If she had to put it in words, she thought that Si Yi would die for Yun Jian.

When the unmarried geezer made comments about Yun Jian and humiliate her in that perverse tone, it was not just Si Yi—Qing You wanted to kill him too. It was just that Si Yi had acted more straightforwardly.

He was the leader of An Hun Group. His way of doing things had always been simple and direct without forbearance. He knew to read the situation but he also knew that these people from Luo Village were absurd. If he did not do something intimidating, they would never be subdued.

Nonetheless, no one there expected Si Yi who had been silent to suddenly pull out a pistol when Yun Jian was verbally humiliated. That was a real gun! Horrifyingly, he pulled the trigger on a real pistol!

"Ah! It’s a gun!" Liu Qi who had looked victorious was thoroughly shocked when she saw Si Yi brandish the pistol.

Everyone else was stupefied. The short man who slandered Yun Jian was frozen on the spot in fear.

A loud bang was heard, evidence that Si Yi fired the shot. The moment he did, however, Yun Jian’s hand flew out to nudge the pistol lightly, gently shifting Si Yi’s aim.

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Si Yi let all his guard down before Yun Jian. His feelings for her ran so deep that even if she were to kill him right this instant, he was not going to hate her. Of course, he would not have achieved this back when he had no feelings for her, but right now, he would not stop Yun Jian even if she wanted to kill him. As long as it was what she wanted, he would do it.

Hence, the loud bang of a shot missed the short geezer and went straight to the pile of gravel for construction some distance away.

Brushing past the brink of death, the dirty short man broke out in cold sweat.

"Why do you have a gun! Doesn’t the law prohibit owning guns!" Another old man standing beside the short geezer cried out.

The short geezer had handled a gun before when he was younger. In the early years, the country had yet to ban pistols, so a lot of them owned one. Most men there had gotten their hands on a firearm through various channels when they were younger, so a gun was not surprising to them.

When the short old man saw Yun Jian pushing the shot away for him, he was unaware that he had just been saved. Instead, he was pleased with himself. Stroking his bald head, he thought that Yun Jian was attracted to his good looks.

He looked at Yun Jian and asked again in front of Si Yi without fearing for his life, "Oh ho, you have good taste, young girl. What do you think? Sleep with me? I’m stronger than any man you’ve slept with for sure!"

The pistol in Si Yi’s grip went straight to the man’s forehead once the latter spoke but Yun Jian’s hand covered Si Yi’s longer one.

Everyone there was terrified, thinking that Yun Jian was scared of making a scene, only for her words to sound like the summon of death, "I’ll do it myself. I want him to live worse than dying."

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