The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 61 - She Actually Knew How To Pole Dance

Chapter 61 - She Actually Knew How To Pole Dance

"Xiao Jian..." worried Lu Feiyan called out to Yun Jian softly, as she clenched her fists after hearing the latter had agreed to dance.

There was a frustrating feeling of being powerless. She knew that Wang Rourou was setting her friend up but she was unable to stop her.

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"It’s okay." Yun Jian gave Lu Feiyan a smile, acknowledging that she was genuinely concerned for her.

To survive in this world, one did not need a large circle of friends. As long as there was that one who was sincere and truly cared for her, having just one friend like her was enough.

Every time she heard Yun Jian respond "it’s okay" when they encountered sticky situations, Lu Feiyan felt that she would always be reassured.

Deep in her heart she believed in Xiao Jian and was faithful that she could do it.

"Yun Jian, hop on quickly if you’re going to dance. The whole class is waiting for you!" Wang Rourou added, already restlessly eager.

She was impatient to see Yun Jian embarrass herself. After tonight, the news would spread and the whole school would know that Yun Jian had only the looks. – What good would being pretty be if you were good for nothing?

She would still be a peasant from the village!

"I’m not dancing here," Yun Jian said slowly as she squinted.

"Where are you dancing if not here?"– Wang Rourou blurted out from how eager she was.

Without giving Wang Rourou a chance to speak, Yun Jian looked towards the corridor and continued. "I’m going to dance outside the classroom."

When she said that, all her classmates were stupefied, especially Wang Rourou. Her expression was beyond exaggerated.

She had initially planned for Yun Jian to make a fool out of herself in front of the class, yet she was now requesting to dance outside of their classroom?

The outdoors were lit at night. Did that not mean that the other classes that were having evening self-study sessions could also see Yun Jian embarrassing herself?

Is she not giving herself a hard slap on the face?

Wang Rourou’s grin oddly widened as she spoke up in a hurry. She was afraid that Yun Jian would go back on her word, choosing to only dance in the classroom, "Okay, okay. Great. Go outside and dance. We’ll watch you from the corridor!"

The whole class moved to the corridor outside immediately.

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The students watched Yun Jian walk out in anticipation. They wondered what she was going to do.

Could it be that she wanted to let the whole school know that she could not dance?

The surrounding classrooms were all ninth graders. Now that everyone in Class (6) had gone out, the other classes noticed the commotion as well.

This included Yuan Yingjun who was in the first class, Li Xiangyi, as well as the others from the basketball team. All of them could clearly see Yun Jian walking from her class to the spacious lawn outside.

What was happening? What was Yun Jian going to do?

Exiting the classroom, Yun Jian’s stride was laidback with both her hands in her pockets, she gave off a refreshing vibe.

Right in the center, opposite of Class (6), was a lawn that had a variety of gym equipment. As Yun Jian moved toward the destination, she suddenly stood beside a long pole that was available in the sports facilities.

The pole was a few meters tall.

"Hey, what’s she doing? Is she going to dance with that pole? Huh? Haha!" A boy in their class could not help being sarcastic.

Nonetheless, Yun Jian stretched out her hand as her fingers landed softly on the pole.

Her aura transformed instantly.

Yun Jian’s laidback demeanor turned alluring all of a sudden. She walked over and leaned herself against the pole, casting her gaze to where everyone else with equal sensuality.

This was only the beginning of Yun Jian’s dance.

While everyone was still bewildered, she sprang and hung herself onto the pole swiftly.

What puzzled her audience was seemingly how relaxed she was the moment she was on the pole.

It’s pole dancing!

Some students were immediately aware of what Yun Jian was going to do next.

She actually knew how to pole dance? No – no way!?

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