The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 610 - Si Yi’s Strike. Be A Woman

Chapter 610 - Si Yi’s Strike. Be A Woman

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Si Yi wrapped an arm around Yun Jian to stop her just as she was done speaking. Little Yun Zhu was standing beside Si Yi.

When Si Yi was about to shoot, his other hand with his long fingers had gone to cover Yun Zhu’s eyes. Now that Si Yi’s arm was around Yun Jian, his hand over Yun Zhu’s eyes lifted.

The boy was obedient but he did not understand much about what was going on.

"Jiejie, Jiejie, what’s living worse than dying? Our teacher said that living is staying alive but if one’s living, why is one dying? Isn’t that at odds?" Yun Zhu had only asked after pondering it for a long moment folding his little finger but was unable to figure it out.

Yun Zhu’s casual question soothed the panic in everyone from the tense atmosphere just now, especially when Yun Jian claimed that she wanted the short geezer to live worse than dying in a bloodthirsty tone. Everyone who listened could already picture how bad it would turn out for the short unmarried man.

"Take care of Xiao Zhu. You don’t have to do anything about this today," Si Yi told Yun Jian with his arm slung around her waist but his sharp hawk-like eyes were trained straight at the short geezer farther away.

The nonchalant reminder warmed Yun Jian’s heart. "Mn," she replied softly.

When Si Yi said that, his tone was flat and his expression was blank. Yet, it was because of this, his indifferent expression and his long finger hooked around the pistol that everyone thought he was inexplicably domineering.—There was also an icy edge to it.

"Ge, wh-who’s he? Why does he own a gun!" Liu Qi who stood beside Liu Ziyun and had been heatedly arguing with the latter dared not say much now looking at Si Yi’s pistol.

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"Liu Qi, shut up!" Liu Ziyun was clever, remembering that all this happened because of Liu Qi’s ridiculous comment, he hollered at her.

"Ge, you’re shouting at me again! You’ve never shouted at me! Humph, it’s all because of her. It’s because she’s back that all of you are being mean to me and don’t want me anymore!" Liu Qi was completely oblivious to the fact that Liu Ziyun was acting for the sake of her as she cried back at him after a hateful glance at Qing You.

At the same time, Yun Jian had already covered Yun Zhu’s eyes while Si Yi made his way to the unmarried geezer.

"Wha-what do you want?" The old man was intimidated by Si Yi’s aura. He thought that he would definitely be unscathed just now but he was shuddering now. In spite of it, the short geezer refused to lose pride in front of so many people and kept his head up. It was futile as his height of 155cm was nothing against Si Yi’s 185cm.

Just when the unmarried geezer staggered a few steps back in fright, Si Yi spread his long legs and lifted the man up, easily grabbing his collars. He then asked flatly, "Do you know what’s the consequence of even thinking to lay a finger on my girl?"

Si Yi’s question ran a shiver down everyone there.

"Wha-what is it?" Being lifted up into the air, the geezer’s short height made him look ludicrous.

Suddenly, Si Yi flung the man away and as the latter flew in the air, he raised his pistol and aimed it at the geezer’s members, pulling the trigger.


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