The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 611 - I’d Dare Kill Someone. What’s The Big Deal About It?

Chapter 611 - I’d Dare Kill Someone. What’s The Big Deal About It?

The shot landed right at the short unmarried geezer’s p.e.n.i.s. After he was flung away by Si Yi, his members were shot by the latter’s firing with a "bang".

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There was a second of full silence before a loud wail like an animal was slaughtered tore through the sky. "Ah! My... My..."

What came next was the old man holding his crotch and rolling on the ground.

Everyone was alarmed by Si Yi’s abrupt strike.

"Ah! Ge, he fired the shot!" Liu Qi was frightened by the sudden gore and covered her eyes with shaking hands. This was no doubt the most terrifying thing she had seen in her life to date.

She knew the short geezer. He was the prime example of the village’s idle man. She could still remember the vile gaze the man wore each time she passed by his house. It was nauseating.

However, looking at someone familiar clutching his bloodied groin rolling about on the ground in immense pain, especially the blood that was spilling, Liu Qi was shell-shocked even when she was looking at him from afar.

She lived in a farming village but she had never seen blood. Her parents took great care of her. Although their family was not doing so well, Liu Tie had never let Liu Qi suffer a tiny bit even if it meant he had to exhaust himself.

Therefore, the horror that Liu Qi was experiencing currently was significant.

Liu Ziyun was shocked as well. He too had never seen a gory sight like this. Chills ran through him but he kept a hand patting Liu Qi’s head and protecting her so she would not be scared alone. This was a brother’s love for his younger sister.

At the same time, he turned to check Qing You and his father with a pale face.

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Since he had seen the scars and wounds on Qing You—even if Qing You was really sold to a brothel and even if she was really in prostitution—Liu Ziyun was set to reconcile with his baby sister.

He had resented Qing You only because he assumed that she was enjoying herself and did not find her way back home earlier, thus causing their mother’s death. Since the misunderstanding was cleared, Liu Ziyun had decided to slowly forgive Qing You as he was not a bad person.

He had turned to check on Qing You because he was worried that she would be scared at the sight of so much blood. Imagine his surprise when he turned and saw Qing You’s indifferent expression instead of the fright that would normally color an ordinary person’s face due to the gory scene in front of them.

Why was his sister not the least bit frightened? Liu Ziyun was doubtful.

"You—How dare you to shoot someone! Just you wait! You’ll be caught!" An old bachelor exclaimed with a finger pointed at Si Yi and a hand covering his own crotch when he saw it.

"Caught?" Si Yi twirled his pistol with his long fingers hooked around the weapon securely. His handsome face looked extremely charming under the setting sun of winter. He shook some stray pieces of hair away lightly with a smirk that was so good looking yet dripping with hubris and replied, "I’d like to know which of you has the guts to catch me!"

His tone was arrogant and pompous but he had all the right to be!

After that, Si Yi kept his pistol and left the man to roll about on the ground. Yun Jian was standing not too far away. As he walked and tucked his pistol away, he came to her in no time and wrapped an arm around Yun Jian’s thin waist right before everyone.

"Ho-how dare you guys simply hurt people like this?" Their thoughts about Yun Jian were entirely different now. If she did come from s.e.x trade, how was it possible that she was so brazen?

In other words, it was also impossible that Qing You was sold into prostitution!

Then and there, everyone was doubtful about Yun Jian and Qing You’s identity.

"I’d dare kill someone! It’s just his members that were shot today. What’s the big deal about it?" returned Yun Jian’s even more haughty reply.

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