The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 612 - Liu Ziyun Asks, Honesty He Shall Receive

Chapter 612 - Liu Ziyun Asks, Honesty He Shall Receive

She would dare kill someone, what else was there that she dared not do?

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What Yun Jian said roused everyone’s panic, especially the old bachelors who saw Yun Jian as a hooker just now. They were currently staring at her in extreme disbelief and shaking in fear.

Although Yun Jian had not fired the shot, just how Si Yi coddled Yun Jian was enough for everyone there to be alarmed.

The unmarried short geezer whose members were shot just now had only made a slight comment about Yun Jian and Si Yi had made sure his organ was defunct!

No one there dared make another sound under such tension. It would be suicidal to do so! As for the short old man flailing on the ground holding his crotch, no one wanted to care about him. After all, he had not been the most decent person usually.

In spite of it, it would be worse if he died, so some older and more experienced ones had still gone over to help the short geezer up to the only outdated clinic in Luo Village.

The rest who were there just to watch the commotion left, understandably so. No one wanted to be the next short geezer—losing their p.e.n.i.s just for being nosy. It was too high a price to pay, thus everyone left in the blink of an eye.

Ultimately, Liu Qi’s peers left as well, almost scrambling away.

"Xiao... Xiao Xin, what do your friends do?" Liu Tie asked Qing You after everyone left, taking a frightful glance at Si Yi and Yun Jian.

Liu Tie was a farmer and had lived in Luo Village all his life. He did not get to see much of the world, so he was a little intimidated when he looked at Yun Jian and Si Yi.

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"Dad..." Qing You pressed her lips together as she glanced at Yun Yi and was about to answer when a shriller voice sounded, "Dad! Look at her! What kind of friends does she have to have injured someone like that! We’re doomed! What if they come back for us! We won’t be able to pay for compensation!"

Liu Qi’s strident voice went over the words that Qing You was about to blurt.

"Humph, we didn’t injure him anyway. So many people in the village saw it. If something does come up, it’ll be their fault!" As Liu Qi spoke, she jabbed a rather fat and short finger toward Yun Jian and Si Yi.

"I’ll bear the responsibility," Qing You spoke up crestfallen with her eyes cast down.

"Xiao Xin..." Liu Tie was anguished. He had finally found his youngest daughter who had been suffering for years out there but his son and other daughter were at odds with her. There was nothing more that would catch him in a dilemma than this.

"Dad, it’s okay." Qing You smiled at Liu Tie but it looked forced.

She now knew that it was incredibly difficult for her to make peace with her elder siblings—even when that was not the case with her father. She was Liu Tie’s birth daughter even if she did indirectly cause her mother’s death.

"Xiao Xin, I’ve made you suffer!" Liu Tie said tearfully as he patted the back of Qing You’s hands with his wrinkled ones.

"Liu Xin, there’s no one else now. Tell us what you have done all these years?" Liu Ziyun asked again, noting that there was no other outsider now.

His tone toward Qing You was no longer as aggressive as it was in the beginning.

Pressing her lips together and looking down, Qing You ultimately shifted her gaze to Yun Jian. She was asking the latter if she should be honest.

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